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LG Electronics allows you to realize your dreams and offers the "Right People" great opportunities for growth.
Why LG?

Find out why LG is a great company to work for and hear stories
from our employees around the world.

At LG Electronics, we strongly believe that the growth of our employees is closely linked to the growth of the company.

To help our employees achieve both individual and organizational growth, we operate our Job Training Program as part of the Company’s employee training system. Employees establish their own Career Development Program (CDP), which is followed up by the 1:1 Caring System, and complete training programs to meet their needs.

LG Electronics ’s 1:1 Caring Process

  1. Counseling


    1:1 Counseling with manager

  2. Planning


    Create customized career
    development plan

  3. Job Trainning

    Job Training

    LG Group-wide training
    Job-specific training
    External training

  4. Staffing


    Job rotation

1:1 Caring is all about providing employees with the guidance, training and tools needed for long-term success.
At LG, we don’t just ask you where you want to be in 5 years - we help you get there.

Targeted Development

Underscoring our belief in the value of learning and development, LG Electronics established a Business Function College for each of our 14 business functions offering more than 800 on and offline courses. For our best performers, we have further developed our HIPO (High Potential) program, through which we identify future leaders early on and offer active training, mentoring and support.


The image of people joining hands describes the value LG places in diversity and teamwork

Valuing the different perspective essential to success, LG Electronics strives to ensure that we hire and retain individuals based solely on the quality of their talent, ambition, ideas, and results. To make this happen, LG Electronics established and declared a labor policy against discrimination, facilitating an environment in which individuals with diverse values and beliefs can work together as a team.

LG Electronics employees come from all walks of life and their diverse backgrounds reflect our truly international character

  • 142

    Global Operations

  • 396

    City locations in
    80 countries

  • 109


  • 61

    Primary Languages

We’re making every effort to create a working environment where social minorities are respected and not subjected to discrimination or any inconvenience based on our company’s belief that such a working environment leads to greater competitiveness.

Application Process

LG Electronics implements a standard recruiting process in all of its global operations.

Small variations in the recruiting process may be found depending on local employment conditions, such as the local labour market (industry, average retirement age, etc.), and local labour laws and regulations relating to recruitment.

In some countries, an additional stage may be added to the recruiting process, such as with the administration of aptitude and attitude tests.


At LG, we maintain our high standards of excellence by identifying, hiring, and retaining the
"Right People".

Who are the "Right People"? They are challenge-seekers following their dreams with the creativity and drive to perform at the highest level. Committed and enthusiastic team players. Constant innovators who put customers first. Keen thinkers who are armed with both professionalism and a desire to take an active role on the global stage. And people with integrity who value the LG Way.

The Right People

  1. Thumb up sign

    Challenge-seekers following their dreams

  2. People thinking of an idea

    Driven and creative team players

  3. Rocket launch sign

    Constant innovators who put customers first

  4. Hit the target sign

    People with integrity who value the LG Way


From product development to customer support, LG is constantly innovating and creating customer value.
Find out more about our fields of work.



As one of the world's largest, most respected brands of consumer electronics, LG offers opportunities to provide elegantly designed, efficient, cost-effective products for consumer and business markets. Whether in the consumer or business category, our sales teams play a key role in bringing value to customers.


Imagine the impact your work can have as you promote extremely popular and effective LG Electronics products in markets throughout the globe. You'll also be promoting a more convenient, enjoyable way of life for countless individuals everywhere within the growing markets we serve on five continents.


Within this team, you might find yourself working in the field as a service technician as they travel from home to home making repairs and adjustments to LG products or supporting customer service requests. At LG, customers come first and your work will play a big part in helping them enjoy our products to the fullest.

Business Support

How does a global corporation strike the perfect balance of growth and stability essential to long-term success? We employ the skills of a broad range of talented professionals who work behind the scenes in such diverse areas as supply chain management, procurement, business planning, HR, PR, finance, accounting, legal and compliance.


Below you'll find answers to an array of frequently asked questions about LG Electronics' job application process.

What are some of the benefits of joining LG Electronics?
LG Electronics is a global corporation that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Join our company offers great opportunities for personal and professional growth. In addition, as the company grows, you will be encouraged to develop and improve their own skills. Various incentives are offered according to individual performance results, which motivates employees in their jobs.
How is the Africa recruitment process being conducted?
LG Electronics uses the same recruitment process in all its offices around the world. Applicants should first consult one of our recruitment advertisements or find us on the Web. Follow indicated submission instructions to ensure your application will be received by our Human Resources Department. Once received, we review all application materials and decide whether an interview is needed. Depending on the country, an aptitude test or other form of evaluation may also be part of the application process.
What kind of characteristics is LG Electronics looking for when adding to its pool of talented individuals?
LG Electronics is always looking for the "Right People" to join its ranks. Those who are passionate about their work, committed and determined, and who display exceptional professionalism in everything they do.
More specifically, the "Right People" are those able to align their vision with that of LG Electronics’ key philosophies and practices. The kind of men and women capable of playing a central role in the future development of the company as it continues to reach new heights in markets around the world.
What support does the company provide to actively encourage self-development among its staff?
LG Electronics provides a variety of self-development opportunities in accordance with its human resources system. The company offers diverse in-house, online, and offline educational courses to support the self-development of employees. Each employee is required, by internal regulation, to amass more than 40 class-hours a year. Employees who stand out in evaluations may be offered the chance to enroll in external diploma programs, courses of MBA study, or take part in other development opportunities.
How many people are hired by LG Electronics every year?
LG Electronics employs roughly 82,000 employees across its Africa operations. The company hires approximately 6,000 new employees a year? contributing, as such, to the regional economic development of locations around the world.
What are the performance-based incentives?
LG Electronics offers immediate and differentiated incentives for its employees through various incentive schemes. We offer occasional incentives according to the individual employee skills and their contribution to the company, as well as an annual bonus as a reward for helping the company achieve its goals.
If I forget my password after submitting my job application, what should I do?
You can use the password confirmation function in the menu of careers to recover the password.
After submitting my application, how long will it take to get feedback from the company?
After submitting your application, you will normally receive a reply from us within a month, although this may differ depending on the region.
How will I know if my application was received by your company?
When you submit an online application, a message is an acknowledgment on the screen. You can also check the status of your order at any time by clicking on My status in our homepage.
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