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LG Cinema 3D TV is the most startling innovation I have seen – Soyinka



Leading consumer electronics giant, LG Electronics has introduced its new Cinema 3D TV which can be best described as a radical departure from the past into the Nigerian market.The LG Cinema 3D TV is coming on the heels of the brand’s promise to always make available products that suit the consumers’ yearnings and aspirations in technological innovations, stylish designs and value for money spent.

It is free from the problems associated with competing brands as LG’s Cinema 3D technology relies on polarized film attached to the screen instead of bulky, expensive glasses that need to be recharged between uses. This was attested to by James Cameron, the movie Director of Avatar, when he spoke of his preference to polarized glasses because they would accelerate the adoption of 3D into homes. While making reference to the benefit of LG’s Cinema 3D TV technology which relies on polarized glasses, Cameron, said that there is a battle growing between the producers of 3D display technologies that rely on expensive active shutter-glass displays against those that offer Film Patterned Retarder (FPR).

Commending LG Electronics for this great feat achieved with Cinema 3D TV, the guest of honour at the event, Africa and Nigeria’s first Nobel literature laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka said “LG Cinema 3D TV is the most startling innovation I have seen. This is a worthy venture that would revamp the cinema culture in Nigeria in the most comfortable, enjoyable and social way when watching 3D content at homes.The Nobel laureate was particularly pleased with the level of in-depth technology that distinguishes the new LG Cinema 3D TV. Unlike the conventional 3D TVs, it eliminates feelings of dizziness or eye fatigue that may occur during viewing. Added to it is the new 2D to 3D ‘up-conversion’ tools which guarantees that all contents can be brought up comfortably and simply from 2D to 3D and would not require viewers to sit at uncomfortable angles to get the best picture, a common fault of previous 2D sets. These entire features are only made possible by a brand that truly has the interest of its consumers at heart in its design of products that guarantees and gives complete value.

The Cinema 3D technology provides a much improved 3D experience which includes home dashboard and magic motion remote control that allows users to point directly at the application they want rather than pressing a litany of buttons, giving a mouse like experience.Delighted by the distinction that makes the LG Cinema 3D TV stand in a class of its own, the Managing Director, LG Electronics, West African Operations, Mr. Jaeyoung Lee said ‘Introducing the brighter, lighter, more comfortable, battery-free and certified flicker-free LG Cinema 3D TV is a high feat which we have gone the extra mile to achieve with the satisfaction of our consumers in mind. We believe it is time for our consumers to welcome the next generation of 3D TV to their living room’.

Speaking further he said that with the innovative technology that was used to make the LG Cinema 3D TV, all the problems associated with conventional 3D TVs have been successfully dealt with and has invariably ushered in a new world of complete entertainment, relaxation and fun without complaints from the consumers. 

n his part, The Managing Director of Fouani Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mohammed Fouani used the opportunity to reinstate LG Electronics commitment, to taking the lead in the areas of meeting and satisfying consumer needs. ‘It is no news anymore, that LG Electronics is in the forefront of making available to consumers products that suite their aspirations of comfort, innovations and value. The launch of the Cinema 3D TV is yet another testimony of our resolve to make people live and experience a world of unlimited possibilities with our products and services’.The American Optometric Association (AOA) has spoken in support of 3D viewing by younger children. It affirmed that since most children have established basic binocular vision by age 3, they can safely enjoy 3D movies, TV shows and games.

Also adding its voice to the safety of 3D content viewing by children, the Ophthalmologists Society of Nigeria (OSN) asserts that it is safe for kid’s viewing as well as adults. It emphasized through it representative, Dr Kunle Hassan that everybody can enjoy and view 3D TV without fear of having eye problems.

The event which was star studded had the award winning producer of Figurine, Kunle Afolayan in attendance. Pleased by the unique nature of LG Electronics ability to take the lead in innovation and technology, he described the launch of LG Cinema 3D TV into the Nigerian market as the much waited idea that would berth a new experience in the nation’s entertainment industry. For him these are the needed spurs that would bring out the best potentials in the industry beginning from the home front where entertainment has been redefined with the LG Cinema 3D experience.

 LG Electronics is in the business of making consumers happy through its products and services with the aim of improving on its technology for better performances that meet their needs.