LG Electronics Awards Educational Scholarship to Nigerian Students



It was a reign of ‘good life’ for students of The University of Lagos as their hard work, diligence and determination in studies paid off with the reward of scholarship awarded them by Leading consumer electronics giant, LG Electronics. 

The scholarship was given to ten students of 400 and 500 levels in the Faculty of Engineering based on their Grade Points of 4.0 to 5.0 that stood them apart from their contemporaries as best students in the faculty. Worthy of note is that this novel initiative by LG Electronics is designed to be an annual event that would also give the beneficiaries opportunity of joining LG Electronics for their Industrial Attachment for a period of four months. Upon completion of their degree and National Youth Service Programme, they would be offered paid internship programme and if found worthy in learning and character, would be absolved into the mainstream of the company’s workforce.

The award of scholarship to Nigerian students by LG Electronics is no doubt a demonstration of the company’s believe in the abundant human talents and resources in the country waiting for opportunities to be explored and discovered to better the country through enhanced human capacity development on the platform of education.   Speaking at the scholarship award presentation in Unilag, The Managing Director, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, Mr. Jeayoung Lee, said ‘For us at LG Electronics, it is our core belief that education is the bed rock of any society. The more qualitative the education of a nation is, the more functional its systems and institutions would be. This can only be achieved through investing in genuine and natural human talents in the educational system’.

 Lee further said that this gesture is borne out of the company’s resolve to leave no stone unturned in contributing its quota to the educational development of Nigerian youth who are the leaders of tomorrow. He said “this is the way to go and LG Electronics is fully committed to making this venture a success story that would benefit the society as a whole through the good impact the students would make in future either as employers of labour or employees of organizations”.

 Lauding the high level of magnanimity demonstrated by LG Electronics to Nigerian students, The Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos, Prof. Adetokunbo Babatunde Sofoluwe, described the act as taking the lead in youth empowerment initiatives. ‘This for me is what I can best describe as the height of responsibility that any responsible organization can show to its publics. This is a practical demonstration of what it means to connect to the aspirations and yearnings of youths and I dare say that LG Electronics has been in the fore front of making things better for the Nigerian educational system’. 

Commenting further Prof. Adetokunbo, said that he recalled with a feeling of excitement and a high sense of fulfillment how LG Electronics helped to revamp and raise the standard of The Faculty of Engineering by renovating their laboratory and donating over 100 computers. Today, the laboratory is aptly described as a state of the art equipped laboratory. This he described as the hallmark of patriotism to Nigeria as a nation by LG Electronics. Overwhelmed by the gesture of the scholarship award, Taiwo, Gbenga Samuel who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries commended LG Electronics for its passion for the Nigerian youth through initiatives that helps them achieve their dreams. He was particularly grateful to the company for its reward of excellence that he described as the only way to encourage achievements and success through self worth and dignity which would further spur them to be the very best in all they do in order to reciprocate the confidence imposed in them as outstanding students.

 LG Electronics has over the years demonstrated its love for Nigeria through various corporate social activities. Among them include, free eye surgery for more than a hundred Nigerians which helped in recovering their sights, donation of over 75 limbs to physically challenged Nigerians and partnership with The Lagos State Government in planting over 200 trees to help protect the environment against degradation and other symptoms of global warming as well as donations to orphanage homes. LG Electronics also introduced into the Nigerian market the very first Nigerian Television popularly called “Naija TV” that incorporates the three major Nigerian languages on the On Screen display (OSD) of the Television since 2008.