LG Electronics Marks Second Year of “Save Earth, Plant More Trees” Campaign by Planting More Trees



Leading consumer electronics company LG Electronics has intensified its efforts to raise awareness for its campaign to save the earth from environmental degradation by planting more trees than it did last year to mark this year’s World Environmental Day. 

Members of staffs of the Organization, led by Mr. Jaeyoung Lee, Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa Operatons, as well as members of the Lagos State government, Ministry of the Environment, Fouani Nigeria Limited, the media and NovelPotta Y&R came out in large numbers to plant  over 200 trees to mark the World Environment Day.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Jeayoung Lee, stated that the threat of climate change should not be taken slightly and that all hands must be on the deck to ensure that the earth is reclaimed from climate change.

“The challenges of global warming and climate change are staring the human race in the face,” Mr Lee stated.  “For centuries the thoughtless actions and inactions of man have been degrading the environment, thereby putting our future at risk.”

Continuing, Lee said:  “No effort is too little to win back our environment.  Given our pro-active nature at LG Electronics, we have taken the bold step to help to raise the consciousness in the people that every hand must be on deck to save our environment. And this tree-planting campaign is one of such efforts.”

Lee added: “Our theme ‘Save the Earth; Plant More Trees’ is apt in this task of saving the earth.  We therefore urge every Nigerian to plant at least a tree around his or her home and office. It is said that little drops make the mighty ocean. So we are convinced that such individual efforts will aggregate into a strong force to reckon with in the effort to save the earth.

“On our part, at LG Electronics all our products are not only produced with maximum innovations, stylish designs to suit the needs and lifestyles of our consumers, but they are eco-friendly and healthy for the use of human beings.

Also speaking at the event, the Lagos State Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Dr. (Mrs) Titilayo Olusolape Anibaba who flagged off the exercise said ‘The time to save the world by creating and having an eco friendly environment is now. To make this possible, every responsible organization must make it a core aspect of their ways of operations to produce only products that are environmentally friendly to the consumers’.

Dr. (Mrs) Anibaba lauded the efforts of LG Electronics for ceasing the opportunity of the world environmental day to show their love and passion for saving the environment with the act of tree planting. This, she described as the way to go if we must achieve a safer environment.

Worthy of note is the fact that the use of LG Electronics products guarantees safety of consumers’ health and lifestyle. An LG SolarDOM light wave oven compared to an electronic oven is equivalent to planting 140 trees; using an LG LCD TV is equivalent to planting 7 trees; using an LG Refrigerator is equivalent to planting 39 trees; using an LG Air conditioner is equivalent to planting 2 042 trees and using an LG Home Theatre system is equivalent to planting 2 trees.