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Lagos, April 28: To reawaken the health consciousness of consumers, LG Electronics, global leader in consumer electronics has embarked on in store activations at the Palms shopping mall to showcase its healthcare collection and sensitize consumers on health and hygiene. The activation will commence on April 26 and run through to May 2 with LG’s healthcare products on display.


Speaking at a press conference to flag off the activation, the Marketing Director, Home Appliance Division of LG Electronics, Mr. Michael Ha said that the activation shows LG’s commitment to not just providing basic product utility to consumers but also to deliver the utility in a way that improves the well being of consumers as regards their health and hygiene.


“Being a consumer centric organization, we are concerned with the welfare of our consumers which is why we have gone a step further ahead of competition to introduce health related products that impact lives and guarantee the general well being of our consumers. We are proud to announce that we are the first home appliance company to commence evolution on health-related products which has created a completely unique market for the home appliance industry”.


Mr. Ha explained that these healthcare products were developed in response to the global changing lifestyles and the ever-increasing issues associated with health which results from the former. He also noted that since health issues are fast becoming national issues, LG in its own unique way is offering consumers the ideal guard/protection against these health issues which he believes technology can help solve especially in the areas of allergy, respiration and nutrition.


“We are not only concerned about the health of our consumers but also of the state of the planet and surroundings to ensure that it is fit and safe for human accommodation. To this end, we are in the forefront of developing products that are eco-friendly and bring about a healthier and greener life for consumers and the earth”, Mr. Ha said.


Commenting on the choice of venue for the activation, Mr. Ha explained that the Palms which is a renowned shopping mall is cited in an advantageous location and has overtime recorded high concentration of consumers who shop at the mall. There would not have been a better place to showcase our products than bringing it close to the consumers such that consumers can have first hand feel of the products. This will in turn add to the shopping experience of the consumers thus making room for product recall.


Among the products to be showcased are the LG Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners, Air Purifiers and Air Conditioners. The refrigerator possesses an anti-bacteria system which prevents bacteria and mould from proliferating. The air inside the refrigerator compartment is also filtered to eliminate bacteria and mould by a deodorizer made of anti-bacterial agent called Catechin, extracted from green tea leaves fresh. The fruits, vegetables, food kept inside the refrigerators are also kept fresh due to the presence of the negative ions in the refrigerator compartment.


The LG Neo Plasma Plus air conditioners, not only cools air around the home but are equipped with a 12-level bio enzyme filter that enhances purification and sterilization capabilities. With the NEO-Plasma Plus Air Purifying System, LG electronics’ air-conditioners also remove dust particles as small as 0.1 microns. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and odour are 99.99 percent sterilized thereby ensuring

better health.


The washing machine sterilizes and steams laundry for germs removal, boils water up to 950 C killing germs and maintains a temperature of 600 C for portentous stains on clothing while creating a hygienic washing environment.  The washing machine also carries out an initial wash of the drum to ensure the environment is dirt-free and hygienic for use. The Vacuum Cleaner on the other hand establishes a clean & hygienic living area, removes dirt’s, pet hair and dust using a unique HEPA Filter that captures 99.95% of dust particles while the Microwave Oven creates a healthy cooking environment. The anti-bacteria coating eliminates 99.9% bacteria in the cooking area while the cavity is easy to clean when compared to the conventional angular cavity which creates a great deal of stress to washing.


The air purifier guarantees breathing of safe, treated and purified air through its 16 step filter system which removes all impurities such as allergens, dust, odor, smoke and various other harmful gasses from the air.



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