LG offers 10-yr warranty on washing machines


In a bid to serve consumers better, LG Electronics is offering up to ten years warranty on Direct Drive Washing Machines and Dish Washing Machines recently introduced into the Nigerian market.

Speaking at a media launch ceremony in Lagos, the Marketing Director, Home Appliances, LG Electronics, Mr Michael Ha said LG was confident in the durability of its Direct Drive Motor which was why it was giving the ten-year warranty that covered consumers in the entire West African markets.

The warranty, according to Mr Ha was the only sub-regional offer of its kind, with the longest time frame of up to ten years within which consumers are covered for whatever faults that might arise from the Direct Drive motors while using the washing machines. He said the 10-year warranty on the product was pursuant to the age-long tradition of improving the quality of life of LG Electronics’ consumers.

“The range of LG Direct Drive Washing Machines uses a Direct Drive Motor that eliminates belt, clutches and pulleys which are found in conventional Washing Machines thereby, giving extra durability, low noise and vibration levels with better washing performance.”

Mr Ha explained that with the range of LG Direct Drive Washing Machines, the consumer would no longer be bothered by wear and tear of belts and pulleys as the new machine was fused directly to the washing drum thereby increasing its sensitivity while allowing for better washing performance and fabric care with respect to laundry.