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[LG webOS TV] How to set 3D Settings and Dual


[LG webOS TV] How to set 3D Settings and Dual


function 3D Image Configuration


           home settings advanced setting  Picture 3D Settings


           Various settings are available for watching 3D images.

           Set the 3D to On.


           3D Mode

           Select a genre for the content you are watching to watch in the desirable depth.


           3D Pattern Recognition

           Automatically converts to 3D by analyzing the pattern of the original image.


           3D Colour Correction

           You can correct the Colour of 3D images. 


           Normal Image View 

           You can watch 2D images without 3D effects.


           3D Image Correction

           Switches the left and right sides of a 3D image.



           Reset the 3D settings.


           ● You cannot exit 3D mode while setting 3D options.

           ● The configurable items differ depending upon model.



how to use How to Use Dual Play


           home settings advanced setting Picture Dual Play


           When playing a 1:1 battle game with a game console in split screen mode, such as

           PlayStation, XBox, and Wii, both of the players can play the game in full screen. 
           If your model does not include the Dual Play glasses, please purchase them



           1. Connect your game console to your TV.

           2. Put on the Dual Play glasses and play the game.


           ● While in Dual Play mode, you can exit the mode by selecting Off in 
             home settings advanced setting Picture Dual Play
           ● The game should support the Screen split mode to be played in Dual Play mode.

           ● If the screen does not look clear enough with the Dual Play glasses on, players

              can change the glasses with each other. You should choose proper glasses

              according to the operation type of Dual Play.


           ● Certain images may appear to be overlapped during playing game. It is

              recommended to play a game facing the centre of the screen.


           ● When the game console has a low resolution, the picture quality may not be good

              in Dual Play mode.


           ● The picture on the screen is only in 2D in Dual Play mode.



check point Cautions When Using Dual Play Glasses


           ● Please note that Dual Play glasses are different from regular 3D glasses. There

              is the mark "Dual Play" written on the Dual Play glasses.


           ● Do not use Dual Play glasses as ordinary glasses, sunglasses or protective

              goggles. If you do so, this may cause injury.


           ● Do not store Dual Play glasses in very hot or very cold conditions. If you do,

              this may cause them to become distorted. Do not use distorted glasses.


           ● Do not drop Dual Play glasses or allow them to come into contact with other objects.

              This can result in damage to the product.


           ● The lenses of Dual Play glasses (polarizing film) are easily scratched. Use a soft

              clean cloth when cleaning them. Foreign particles on the cloth may cause scratches.


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