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[LG webOS TV] Selecting Sound Mode


[LG webOS TV] Selecting Sound Mode


how to use How to enable Smart Sound Mode


             home  settings  advanced setting Sound Smart Sound Mode


             When this is enabled, the TV will automatically adjust to the optimal sound settings based on data it receives

             on the genre of the programme being played.
             In the list, click
On to enable this mode.


             ● If this feature is turned on, you can't adjust the Sound Mode manually.



function Selecting Sound Mode


             home  settings  advanced setting Sound Sound Mode



             Optimizes the sound for all types of content.



             Optimizes the sound for cinemas.



             Optimizes the sound for news.


             Sports / Soccer / Cricket

             Optimizes the sound for sports/soccer/cricket

             The name of the sport may differ depending on region.


             Optimizes the sound for music.



             Optimizes the sound for gameplay.



function Using Sound Effects


          home ► settings  advanced setting Sound Sound Effects


             Clear Voice II

             You can make the voice clearer by adjusting to one of the three clarity levels.


             Virtual Surround Plus (ULTRA Surround)

             Enjoy an immersive soundscape with the virtual multi-channel surround sound effect.

             Virtual Surround Plus (ULTRA Surround) can be selected only in 2D mode.  '

             3D Sound Zooming

             Deliver realistic sound in accordance with the three-dimensional effect of the video.

             3D Sound Zooming can be enabled only in 3D mode.


             You can set the desired sound by adjusting the equalizer directly.

             (100Hz / 300Hz / 1kHz / 3kHz / 10kHz)



             You can adjust the volume of the left and right speakers.



             You can reset the sound effect settings.

             - The options may vary depending on the model.



function Setting Volume Mode 


             home ► settings  advanced setting Sound Volume Mode


             Auto Volume

             Click On to adjust the volume automatically for different broadcasting companies so you can always listen to programmes

             at the desired volume, even after switching the programme. 


             Volume Increase Amount

             Select Low / Medium / High to adjust the volume range.


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