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LG XBOOM Go XG7Q/XG5Q : Simple User Guide


Try this

Connecting a smartphone via Bluetooth

1. Press the Power button of the speaker to turn on the power.
The Bluetooth LED will blink.

2. Activate the Bluetooth function of your smartphone and go to the list of devices with Bluetooth connections and select ‘LG-XG7Q(XX)’ or ‘LG-XG5Q(XX)’depending on the speaker model purchased and set up a connection.
XX is a unique number with 2 digits.

Image of connecting the Bluetooth of a smartphone

3. Once the connection is set up, the Bluetooth LED will be lit and the sound effect will be heard.

Connecting two smartphones

1. While the speaker is connected to a smartphone, long press the Bluetooth button of the speaker for about 2 seconds until the sound effect is heard.

2. The Bluetooth LED will blink for 60 seconds. Connect an additional smartphone to the speaker within 60 seconds.

3. Once the two smartphones are connected to the speaker, the Bluetooth LED will be lit.

Image of two smartphones and speakers connected via Bluetooth

Connecting with an external device for use

1. Open the rear cover of the speaker and connect a 3.5mm AUX cable to the AUX terminal.

2. Connect an external device to the terminal on the other end of the cable connected to the speaker.

3. Play the music on an external device connected and enjoy it through the speaker.

Image of external device and speaker connected with cable

This guide was created for all models, so the images or content may be different from your product.

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