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Battery consumption is too fast.

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  • Last Updated 03/05/2013

Battery consumption is too fast.

1. Because it is thought that the phone is distant from the network at areas of low antenna(shaded areas), more power is needed to send and receive location registration information of the phone, so battery consumption is faster.
2. Because the screen(LCD Back Light) is on, battery consumption is faster because power consumption is high. For example) If the current of the LCD Back Light is 100mA/h, it means that the 1500mA battery allows 15 hours of LCD to be on, so setting the screen time limit to be short is good because battery consumption becomes faster if the screen time limit is set to be long.
3. After turning on the application and turning it off using the home key, invisible applications are still being used on the background, so battery consumption becomes faster. It is recommended that delete/before key is always used to end applications or programs.
4. When routing is sued, the Super user authority of the Android system area is taken, so battery consumption might become faster.
5. For applications like Dodolphone, Nateon, Kakaotalk, stocks/weather wizet which need regular data updates, battery consumption might become faster if the update interval is set short.
6. If several applications are installed at once, use after restarting and battery consumption might become faster if several wizet applications are installed on the background.

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