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(P880) Wi-Fi connection does not work properly.

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  • Last Updated 03/05/2013

Wi-Fi connection glitches result from many causes. Check out the following.
1.Check out if Wi-Fi is turned on. (Picture 1)
2. Check if business specialized AP, thus Mobile Carrier etc. is connected to the AP. (picture. 2)
  1)  If the security type of this AP is on Open, it can be automatically connected without entering another password, but WiFi can't be used if the unit isn't certified from the AP. Connect with another AP.
3. Entered information on the PHONE can simply be different from the AP information.
  1) Check if AP information which is to be connected, thus Security type, password is precisely entered on the PHONE.(picture. 3)
  2) AP information might be newly updated. Click the corresponding AP and choose "Forget", press "Option key > Scan" button and update the AP list. After that, attempt connection.(picture. 3)
3) Once connection is completed, you can check it on the screen as shown in figure 4.


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