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[G3] How can I share my phone's data connection?

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  • Last Updated 10/08/2015
How can I share my phone's data connection?


Function explanation What is the function of sharing a phone's data?


             USB tethering and portable Wi-Fi hotspot are great features when there are no wireless connections available.

             You can share your phone's mobile data connection with a single computer via a USB cable(USB tethering). You

             can also share your phone's data connection with more than one device at a time by turning your phone into a portable.


             Wi-Fi hotspot.


             When your phone is sharing its data connection, an icon appears in the status bar and as an ongoing notification

             in the notifications drawer. For the latest information about tethering and portable hotspots, including supported

             operating systems and other details, visit


How to use How to share your phone's data connection as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot


             1 TapHome >Menu > Apps tabSetting > Settings > Networks tab > Tethering & networks > Wi-Fi hotspot switch to activate.

             2 Enter a password and tap Save.


             TIP! If your computer is running Windows 7 or a recent distribution of some flavours of Linux (such as Ubuntu),

             you will not usually need to prepare your computer for tethering. But, if you are running an earlier version of Windows

             or another operating system, you may need to prepare your computer to establish a network connection via USB.

             For the most current information about which operating systems support USB tethering and how to configure them,



             To rename or secure your portable hotspot


             You can change the name of your phone's Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and secure its Wi-Fi network.


             1 TapHome >Menu > Apps tab > SettingSettings > Networks tab > Tethering & networks > Wi-Fi hotspot.
             2 Tap Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.
                • The Set up Wi-Fi hotspot dialogue box will open.
                • You can change the Wi-Fi name(SSID) that other devices see when scanning for Wi-Fi networks.
                • You can also tap the Security menu to configure the network with Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security using

                   a pre-shared key(PSK).

                • If you touch the WPA2 PSK security option, a password field is added to the Set up Wi-Fi hotspot dialogue box.

                   If you enter a password, you will need to enter that password when you connect to the phone's hotspot with a computer

                  or other device. You can set Open in the Security menu to remove security from your Wi-Fi network.
             3 Tap Save.


             ATTENTION! If you set the security option as Open, you cannot prevent unauthorised usage of online services by other

                                      people and additional charges may be incurred. To avoid unauthorised usage, you are advised to keep

                                      the security option active.

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