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Why does a Roboking not return to the Home Station?

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  • Last Updated 07/05/2015

Why does a Roboking not return to the Home Station?





            1. If a Roboking does not make its return to the Home Station, ER06 is shown on display.
            2. Please clear around the station or check the power source


How to fix

            1. Roboking may not find its way back to the Home Station if obstacles around the station interrupts signals.

            2. Clear up obstacles within 2 meters in front of and 1.5 meters from sides of the station. 

            3. Set the station on a flat surface pushed all the way to the wall.



            4. Make sure the Home Station is plugged.  

            5. If a Roboking starts cleaning from the station, it is easier for the product to find the way back.





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