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Why does a gurgling sound occur when water is dispensed?

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  • Last Updated 18/05/2015

Why does a gurgling sound occur when water is dispensed?






Symptom Symptom


            1. I hear a gurgling sound after dispensing water.






Cause Cause


             1. The gurgling sound can be heard when water fills the water tank and it is not a sign of defect.


             2. The level of noise can be higher as water feeds the tank faster for models with UF membrane filter


                  or when a large amount of water is dispensed.






How to fix How to fix


             1. If you find the noise is higher after a visit by a Healthcare manager, 

                 please check to make sure that the top cover and water tank are closed firmly.


                       Before and after the top cover

                      <Before opening the top cover>     <After opening the top cover>

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