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Why is water not dispensed?

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  • Last Updated 18/05/2015

Why is  water not dispensed?






Symptom Symptom


             1. Cold water is not dispensed.


             2. Hot water is not dispensed.


             3. Hot or Cold water is not disensed.





1. If cold water is not dispensed,



Cause Cause


             1. A compressor located at the back of a product helps to dispense cold water. 
                  If it does not work properly, cold water cannot be dispensed.


             2. Water can be felt less cold due to weather in late Spring or Summer.





How to fix How to fix


             1.  Place a hand at the back of the water purifier to see if it is warm.

                  If yes, the compressor is working normally.











2. If hot water is not dispensed,



Cause Cause


             1. For your safety, hot water is dispensed only after Hot water button is pressed.





How to fix How to fix


          1. Electronic models : Please tap Hot Water button to dispense hot water.


                 Front control panel display with touch buttons

                                     <  Front control panel display with touch buttons >


              2. Mechanical models: Push the lever while pressing the Hot Water button.







3. If hot or cold water is not dispensed,



Cause Cause


             1. Make sure the product is turned on. If the light is off, cold or hot water will not be dispensed.





How to fix How to fix


            1. If buttons are pressed when hot or cold water is turned off, you will hear a ding sound and water will not come out.


            2. If Cold or Hot water temperature indicators on the front of the unit are off, they are off.
                Please press Cold or Hot button until you hear a buzzer.


            3. You can use cold water 2-3 hours after Cold water feature is turned on. 
                Hot water will be available 30 minutes after Hot water is on.




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