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Water from a water purifier is slow. What should I do?

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  • Last Updated 18/05/2015

Water from a water purifier is slow. What should I do?




Symptom Symptom


             1.Water from the dispenser is slow.






Cause Cause
             1. Water from the product may not be dispensed or slow
                 when the middle or source water valve is closed.
How to fix How to fix


         Please make sure that the middle or water source valve is open. 

        1. If the valves are closed, water may be slow. 

        2. Check water 2-3 hours after the valves are adjusted.

           (Time taken may differ depending on water pressure).


       3. If water is still slow after adjustment, filter clogging may be the reason. 

            It can happen due to tank cleaning or pipe construction. 

            Please contact the management office of your apartment.

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