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  • Last Updated 24/07/2017

Can you check to see if any items may be blocking the door such as...

Checking for Obstructions

Racks: If the rack is not attached properly, it may not insert all the way preventing the door from closing fully. Check both the upper and

 lower racks and make certain that they are in.

Make sure there are no items that protrude from the rack or that have fallen into the back of the dishwashers tub that could prevent the rack from closing all the way.

Dishes/Items: Visually inspect the front and back side of the racks for any items that might stick out past the bars of the rack.

If an item is sticking out past the outside borders of the wrack

try to rearrange the items so that the door can close properly. Look for utensils or small and large dishes that may be protruding past the sides of the rack.

Door Inspection

Check the sides, top, bottom, and corners for damage to the door. If there is any visible damage, this could be preventing the door from closing properly.

It will be necessary to replace the door if there is any damage that prevents it from closing properly.

Moisture on the floor or door edge after completed cycle

The dishwasher vent is hidden at the bottom left hand side of the door. When the air is vented there may be some moisture remaining.

 This moisture may condense when it comes into contact with a cold kitchen floor. This is not a defect, but a condition of the environment.

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