Vision & Strategy

VS company focuses on innovation and preparing for the future, knowing that diversification and evolution is necessary to respond to the tides of change. We consistently explore new ways to realize further convenience, safety, and future innovative technologies as a partner to our customers.
  • Vision & Strategy - LG VS Company Vision 2030 Vision & Strategy - LG VS Company Vision 2030 mobile imageVision & Strategy - LG VS Company Vision 2030 mobile image

  • Customer Experiences

    Create a better vehicle & mobility experience
    First is our Customer Experience. Since all businesses start with the customer, we believe that customer experience is the basis of every success inside a business. Being able to provide a better mobility experience for our customers is a key component that we try to orient ourselves towards. This customer-centric thinking is uncompromisable and therefore our top priority.

  • Breakthrough Technology

    Deliver revolutionary tech solutions that customers trust
    Our second value is Innovation. We strive to deliver innovative technologies that are reliable and that our customers can trust. We leverage all our internal and external capabilities with market-leading products based on our experiences to stand out amongst our competitors.

  • Win-Win Growth

    Advance with customers, partners and employees
    Finally, the last core value of the company is Partnership. We strive to grow closer to our customers/partners and members to create sustainability, sustainable growth, and success. As businesses cannot run on their own, we seek to collaborate together alongside our customers/partners and members to create innovative, customer-centric products.

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