LG's Console is a cooling and heating, low wall-mounted unit for a relaxing environment.
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  • Air Flow Direction Change1 Air Flow Direction Change2

    Air Flow Direction Change

    The vane adjusts upwards to direct the air flow towards the ceiling during the cooling operation.
    When heating, the vane directs the warm air downwards to balance the room temperature, especially for floor.
  • Healthier Air with 3 Stage Air Filter System1 Healthier Air with 3 Stage Air Filter System2

    Healthier Air with 3 Stage Air Filter System

    There are 3 stages of air filter system. First, the antibacterial pre-filter primarily reduces large dust particles and quilt dust. Second, filter consists of enzyme breaks down allergens. Lastly, the sterilized ion generator emits around 1.2 million ions, and traps some of the airborne hazardous substances.