Multi Split

LG's Multi Split air conditioning system is a comfortable and stylish cooling solution that will keep you ahead of the game. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.
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  • Multi Piping Type1 Multi Piping Type2

    Multi Piping Type

    A single outdoor unit can support two to five indoor units.
    * Max 5 Rooms (40kBtu/h)
  • DB Box Type1 DB Box Type2

    DB Box Type

    A single outdoor unit can support up to nine indoor units.
    * Max 9 Rooms (56kBtu/h)

Various indoor types to choose that suits you the most

A variety of sleek, elegant indoor units complement any home's interior.
Various indoor types to choose that suits you the most1 Various indoor types to choose that suits you the most2
levanten-multisplit-pdp-4-d levanten-multisplit-pdp-4-m

Space Flexibility

LG Multi Split system does not require multiple outdoor units for cooling all spaces in your home.
It conveniently needs only one outdoor unit to cover the whole house.
Space Flexibility1 Space Flexibility2
* Based on 40kBtu/h model
* Based on MU5M40.U44 Model

Installation Flexibility

Compact design of 1 Way Cassette minimizes installation space.

Faster Cooling & Heating

LG’s pressure sensor allows reaching the target temperature
more quickly with high accuracy and stability.

Wi-Fi Remote Control
with LG ThinQ™

Monitor and control energy consumption for more effective energy conservation. Check the temperature in your home even when you are away. Mobile Remote Control works anytime, anywhere.
Wi-Fi Remote Control<br>with LG ThinQ™1 Wi-Fi Remote Control<br>with LG ThinQ™2

Air Purification

LG Cassette type indoor unit is equipped with the air purification function. It offers a solution to the problem of ultrafine dust that harms our bodies. This is the CAC*-certified, high-performance product that delivers clean, cool air to your large space.
Air Purification1 Air Purification2
*Certification Air Conditioner, the Korea Air Cleaning Association strictly tests the air cleaning function of air conditioner products and certifies reliable products.
* The Air Purification Kit can be purchased as an option
  • Reliable R1 Compressor™1 Reliable R1 Compressor™2

    Reliable R1 Compressor™

    R1 Compressor is a new concept of scroll compressor that combines high-efficiency, low sound levels of the scroll and the simple structure of the rotary compressor.
  • Corrosion Resistance Black Fin1 Corrosion Resistance Black Fin2

    Corrosion Resistance Black Fin

    The black coating with enhanced epoxy resin is applied for strong protection from various corrosive external conditions such as salt contamination and air pollution including fumes.

Multi Split Line Up

Multi Split Line Up1 Multi Split Line Up2

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