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My G Watch / G Watch R does not recognize my voice properly

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  • Ultima actualizare 24/09/2015

There could be various reasons why a G Watch (R) may not recognize your voice (properly). Please take in consideration the following precautions and checks:

  • Speak between 10 cm and 25 cm away from the watch
  • Speak clearly and enunciate.  Do not mumble.  
  • In case a Contacts name is not recognized properly, check if Contacts recognition is turned on (Google app > Menu > Settings > Accounts & Privacy. Contacts recognition must be on.)
  • Check if the microphone gap contains water.  Once the product gets wet, water may remain in the microphone gap. Gently shake the product to drain water.
  • The audio recognition information is saved in cache so each watch may respond differently.  If you have problem with audio recognition, clear the app cache from settings. 
  • Your languages may not be supported or offer only limited support. Language support is developed and maintained by Google. Check Google support pages for supported languages and voice commands.
  • Check if you have a working internet connection on the phone (open an internet page in your web browser)



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