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2015/2016 LG Split System
Air Conditioners Catalogue

Check out the LG Inverter V series air conditioners
with technologies that help you take control of
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Split System Air Conditioners

Control the temperature in several spaces at once with high-performance LG split system air conditioning units. Designed for style and functionality, split air conditioners offer an efficient and cost-effective way to create a comfortable environment.   Learn More

With a split system air conditioning unit, you can efficiently heat or cool just your office – or keep an entire shop or café comfortable throughout the year. Just a few features that make LG split system air conditioning solutions among the best include:

Jet Cool: Many of our split system air conditioning units feature Jet Cool technology, which disperses air evenly at a high speed – for cooling that’s 20% faster than other split a/c units.

Allergy Reduction Filter: Because LG a/c split units are outfitted with allergy reduction filters that help break down allergens when the air passes through them, our systems can not only keep you cooler, but help make the air you breathe healthier.

LG ARTCOOL Air Conditioners: When you choose an LG ARTCOOL air conditioner, you’ll enjoy the option to customise your unit’s look. Featuring easy-to-install, easy-to-remove panels, they allow you to changes the colour of your unit to match your business’s décor.

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