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LG RH735T - Twin HD Tuner DVD Recorder
LG RH735T - Twin HD Tuner DVD Recorder

Twin HD Tuner DVD Recorder

Twin HD Tuner DVD Recorder


  • Twin HD Tuner recording and HD Contents playback
  • AV Input
  • USB Plus
  • Full HD Upscaling





RH735T 1.5 5 30 30
Do not like I bought this unit 8 mths ago to replace an older LG recorder that i thought was having problems. I have only hooked up this one last week and it is absolutely useless. i have had at least 6 recorders over the years including 2 LG's which i was happy with. So i assumed it would be like all the others and have all the basic functions like the others. But no. i have all the problems everyone else is talking about as well as the unit freezing when i try to continue watching a program. At least half the time after you resume playback from previous session it actually starts earlier than where i was, but i cannot FF or Rewind or Stop it. If i am recording something i can't do anything except rewatch what i already have watched until it runs out. Not even having a visual on the display that it is recording. There are just so many basic functions missing from this unit it's not funny. I wish i had set it up when i first bought it because i might have had a chance at returning it. As it is now i would be reluctant to buy another LG unless it was setup instore so i could trial run it 12 August 2014
newer model backward standards have replaced our older model LG dvd rec as it died, but this new model doesnt have editing capabilities, the fast forward & rewind, is set to very tiny increments & takes forever, & our old one always recorded Satellite TV in comparison to new one restricting due to regional codes, i wish i had never bought this product, so very disappointing!!!! 10 August 2014
No Digital TV Channels Connected through the tv cable, the tv picks up all channels but the recorder did not get all. Now the recorder cannot find any digital channels 26 July 2014
Rubbish - No editing feature How is it that this is the 3rd DVD HDD Recorder I have purchased, the 2nd LG and this is the first one without an editing feature! What the? This is a $400 DVD HDD Recorder and it doesn't even have a basic editor! Not good LG. I wont be buying any of your products in the future if this is the sort of 'progress' your company makes. Its worthless without an editing feature. I wish I could give this a negative star rating. 26 July 2014
Recording/Playback Issues My parents purchased this product and we managed with relative ease the set up of the unit. Unfortunately after recording programmes, my parents are finding that the programmes are cutting off towards the end. We have checked time settings etc. Sometimes it may miss the last 5 or so minutes of the show. Can you offer us a solution to this? 9 July 2014
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