Twin HD Tuner DVD Recorder

Twin HD Tuner DVD Recorder


  • Twin HD Tuner recording and HD Contents playback
  • AV Input
  • USB Plus
  • Full HD Upscaling
LG RH735T - Twin HD Tuner DVD Recorder
LG RH735T - Twin HD Tuner DVD Recorder


RH735T 1.3 5 19 19
Don't buy! As previous complaints state have had multiple system shut downs after fast forwarding. Remote no longer functions and I have to turn it off and start the viewing again from the start. Digital stations guide does not display all shows on all stations very frustrating have to record manually using a tv guide. Wish I could exchange it am not happy at all! 26 March 2014
Buy a refurbished one This product had so many troubles that I would never recommend buying one at RRP. There are plenty of refurbished versions out there where issues have been ironed out. I'm a little concerned that recording from a Foxtel box seems like a low quality ... and it's a pity that the inputs are so basic (RGB only). No SVHS, no SCART, no HDMI. Yes, there are no editing fuctions but that might be a good thing - fewer software issues as a result. You can transfer to a USB and edit on the home computer. $499? No way. Refurbished at $199? Yeah. 25 March 2014
Don't Buy Just spent a couple of weeks at my parents place who were convinced to buy this product over the one they wanted. Have had nothing but problems and simple functions such as fast forward cause a system meltdown. Simple record and playback has become a nightmare. 16 March 2014
half good, half very bad to start off positive, it is good for recording 2 shows on 2 different channels at the same time. but then when I wanted to copy a recorded show onto a blank dvd+r, it took a long time to burn a half hr show and when it finished copying, i check the dvd worked there was no audio! Not happy! Also numerous times its recorded one show but then it doesn't stop recording so when ive come home from a weekend away its been recording for 36 hrs, and another time 52 hrs!!! Seriously?! Which means other shows ive chosen to record during that time its ran out of space on the hdd. Also when I tried inserting a portable hd into the usb and pressed copy the recorded live show, it didn't come up as a show it just turned into a file and I couldn't play the show. a lot of times the machines unresponsive and I have to turn it off at the wall then when I turn it back on I have to set the timer again and I lose all my shows in the timer record part. I had such high hopes and im very disappointed :( 11 February 2014
Works for me "I'm a newbie to DVD recorders so didn't even know about 'editing' and 'combining' etc till I read all the negative reviews. For me, it does the trick. 500gig internal hard drive, (barely a need to use DVD RECORDER) ability to record 2 programs at once whilst watching a 3rd through the tv. EPG is clear even though you have to scroll through the channels first to make sure it appears properly. It's easy to use. So if you're looking for a way to record tv moving beyond VCR then this is it. And as I say, 500gig hard drive- that's over 40hours of high def recordings or 100hrs of standard def so you won't necessarily even need to record onto DVD. As my review title says, works for me. Thanks LG." 24 January 2014
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