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Purchase a selected LG French
Door Refrigerator and get up
to $300 cashback to fill it

It's All Possible

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Class-Leading Efficiency 4 Star Energy Rating

Class-Leading Efficiency
4 Star Energy Rating

Explore LG's 450L series of Bottom Mount Refrigerators, the highest energy rated Bottom Mounts in Australia.

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The Stylish French Door Fridge giving you
quick and easy access to frequently
used food, drinks and snacks.

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LG’s revolutionary Lightwave Oven
features microwave grill, steam and
convection cooking technology, which
delivers cooking innovation that’s
lightwaves ahead.

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LG TrueSteam™ technology

LG TrueSteam™ technology

Enjoy sparkling washing performance with less hand pre-wash. The new LG TrueSteam™ dishwasher has a built-in steam generator that produces high temperature steam to naturally loosen hardened food particles and dissolve them.

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Kitchen Appliances

From family dinners and annual parties to perfecting your favourite dish, your kitchen is the heart of your home. With sophisticated and functional LG kitchen appliances, you don’t just feed your family and friends, you improve their quality of life. Learn More

LG kitchen appliances provide the perfect balance between smart technology and stylish design. Loaded with innovative features, discover some of the ways our kitchen appliances can make your life easier:

Style: Explore our modern kitchen appliances with built-in features designed to fit your style. Whether you have room to spare or live in a smaller space, our LG kitchen appliances come in a range of sizes and finishes to fit seamlessly into your home.

Innovation: At LG, we’ve come up with some amazing features that get you in and out of the kitchen quickly and efficiently. Our ingenious feature-rich kitchen appliances include large capacity refrigerators to store more of your favorite foods longer; time-saving double ovens that allow you to cook entrées and desserts at the same time; and microwave sensor cook technology that prevents under- and over-cooking.

Eco-friendly: In preparing for the future, LG leads the way with kitchen appliances designed with features aimed at reducing your impact on the environment. Experience the SenseClean™ technology of our dishwashers that adjusts water and cycle length for accurate cleaning and energy efficiency; marvel at induction cooktops that save energy by heating at unrivalled speed; and so much more.

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