Immersive Viewing, Brilliantly Displayed

6.0" HD, Curved P-OLED Screen, 13MP Camera Android

LG G Flex (D958)

  • Curved 6.0” HD Plastic OLED display
  • Intuitive Single Rear Key Design
  • 3,500mAh High Capacity Curved Battery
  • Advanced Self-Healing Back Cover
  • 13MP High Performance Camera




Immersive Viewing, Brilliantly Displayed

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LG G Flex immerses you in 180° dynamic visuals.

Ergonomic Curved Design

Following the form of your face the LG G Flex is curved to offer a reassuring grip and comfort against the line of your face.

The LG G Flex follows the contour of your face, curving towards your ear and mouth to optimise voice and sound clarity and it fits snugly into the rear pocket of your favourite pair of jeans.

Intuitive Rear Key

The intuitive rear key is cleverly placed to sit directly under your index finger when held in your hand, so now you can easily control the volume while in a call or quickly and effortlessly take a self portrait.

Self-Healing Back Cover

The self-healing coating on the LG G Flex back cover helps guard it from minor scratches that happen in daily use. The protective material expands over time to minimise the appearance of small scratches, so the rear cover maintains a clean appearance.

6.0” Curved Plastic OLED Display

The expansive 6.0” curved Plastic OLED display transforms traditional smartphone viewing into an immersive entertainment experience.

Real RGB Plastic OLED Display

LG G Flex reproduces bright and clear imagery by using increased pixel density and plastic OLED (P-OLED) display technology, so images appear sharp and true to life.

Curved Battery

LG has created an innovative curved battery made to complement the curved design and slim profile of the LG G Flex.
Boasting a high capacity of 3,500mAh you can stay connected for longer.

Swing Lock Screen

LG G Flex immerses you in 180° dynamic visuals, with different lock screen themes that change as you move the device’s position. Depending on where LG G Flex faces, the fluid wallpaper brings you deep down into the sea or up into a starry sky, and all the places in between.

The lock screen changes with the time and its scenery alters throughout the day. The wallpaper scenery changes from day to night, while the numbers of the clock sink into the water as the time changes.

Swing Lock Screen(Video)

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Have you ever experienced a lockscreen that magically responds to your gesture and touch? With Swing Lock Screen the wallpaper will respond to tilting motion and produce different effects with your touch - a whole new experience with curved design.

Answer Me(Video)

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Answer incoming calls without touch.

With 'Answer Me' as you lift LG G Flex to your face the phone will automatically answer an incoming call or decrease the ringtone volume.*

*Gesture controls need to be activated via settings menu for the 'Answer Me' functions to operate.

Answer Me

With ‘Answer Me’ as you lift LG G Flex to your face the phone will automatically answer an incoming call or decrease the ringtone volume.*

*Gesture controls need to be activated via settings menu for the ‘Answer Me’ functions to operate.

Dual Window

‘Dual Window’ splits the screen into two panels, giving you separated views of two applications for easy multitasking.


‘QTheater’ gives you direct access to a world of entertainment. Just hold G Flex horizontally and use two thumbs to pull the screen open, showing the photo, video, and YouTube icons immediately on display.


A simple knocking gesture is all it takes. Just tap twice on the screen to wake your phone’s display without picking it up or pressing the power key. The device senses the gesture as you lightly tap twice on the screen and turns the display on. Then when you're done, two taps on the screen will turn the display off again.

Slide Aside

Use three different apps at once by sliding the screen left or right with three fingers, juggling tasks simultaneously.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatised. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

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