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With a unique level of realism, OLED's
perfect black creates explosive colours.
This is the future of TV

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Which flat screen TV is right for you? LED LCD, LCD or Plasma? 3D or 2D? LG makes it easy to find stylish, feature packed TVs that are right for any room. Browse our HDTVs or search by preferences for flat screen televisions. Learn More

Learn more about all of our HDTVs and the features that set them apart from the rest:

Display Type: Offering a wide range of display types, you can choose an HDTV that is an LED LCD, LCD or Plasma.

Screen Size: From a 22-inch for your kitchen to a huge widescreen TV for your living room, browse all of our flat screen televisions to find the size that’s right for your space.

3D: LG HDTVs with 3D technology bring movie theatre quality to the comfort of your home.

Smart TVs: With access to various forms of entertainment, these flat screen TVs with Internet access let you customise your entertainment experience all in one place, in a format that works for you.

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