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Water resistance - IP68_G6

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/15/2018

 Waterresistance - IP68


    IP rating is marked 2 digitnumber. First number of IP rating is dust protection level and second number ofIP rating is water protection level.


  • G6 satisfy requirements which isIP68 rating.(Test condition : 15-35 ℃, 86-106 kPa, 1.5 m, 30 min)


 - Do not immerse a device in a depth of up to 1.5 meter for up to 30minutes.


 - If a microphone, a speaker and a earphone hole get wet, the devicecould not be working properly.


   Before using the device, thoroughly dry its inside.


 - Do not immerse the device without a usimcard tray.


   It is possible waterresistance and dust resistance withmounting the usim card tray normally.


 - If the device has waterresistance feature, it is not guarantee allthe conditions


 - If you go swimming and take a shower with the device, its water resistance and dust resistance featurecould be damaged.


 - Do not open the usim card tray when the device and handget wet, it could be damaged by water enters into it.


 - If the device get wet, its water label color could be changed and notcovered by the warranty


 - If the device comply with IP68 rating, it could be broken inparticular situation.


 - Be careful not to pollute and damage a rubber packing on the usim card tray.


If the rubber packing is damagedand polluted, waterresistance and dust resistance performancecould be poor.




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