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Gallery: create a GIF_G6

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 Gallery:create a GIF


Youcan create a GIF using a video clip.  Thecreated GIF is saved in the GIF album.


Howto create a GIF with a video


  • Open the Gallery and select arecorded video to playback using the LG Video option. 


  • Touch the overflow icon and select CREATE.


  • Select the time for the GIF andpress CREATE. The GIF will be created from current position of the video playback forthe time selected.


  • GIFs generated from video are 8FPS,and frames are extracted at intervals of 125ms from the time the user starts,and are encoded as GIF images.


     Therefore, a gif image generated with 5second option, has a total of 40 frames.




  • Depending on the length of yourvideo you can select 5, 10, or 15 second GIFs.


  • It is not possible to select theposition in the video for GIF creation. We recommend editing the video prior to creating the GIF.



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