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Circuit breaker stops the power.

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/21/2018

Circuit breaker stops the power.



Is the circuit breaker activated when youconnect the power cord to wall socket?


Howto fix

1. Check if there is an earth terminal inthe wall socket.

If problem occurs only when you’re usinga multi-tab, check the multi-tab.

※ If there is no earth terminals inmulti-tab or many products are connected to it, circuit breaker may beactivated.


2. If a cable is connected to the antennaterminals on the backside of TV, remove it and connect the power cord to wallsocket.

When circuit breaker is not activatedafter you remove the antenna cable and connect the power cord to wall socket,this means the failure of antenna lines. You need to contact subscribed cablecompany or building maintenance office.


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