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G6 - Battery Charging

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G6supportsQualcommQuick Charge 3.0


  • Whenthe provided QC3.0 charger is connected,theremaybe a delayuntil the device shows Fast-Charge on screen.


  • Oncerecognized, “Fast charging…” will be displayed on the lock screen.


  • Fast-Chargebattery icon (circle with lightning icon) will show on the status bar battery


  • TheQC3.0 charging standard improves charging efficiency, reducing the amount ofenergy consumed when charging your battery.




TheLG G6 is compatible with USB PD charging standard.




TheLG G6 manages charging based on an optimized charging algorithm


  • Chargingstopswhen High-Temperaturewarning (Batterytemperature > 55)pops up on the screen


  • Chargingtime may be increased if the device detects elevated temperatures.  The charging algorithm will reduce chargingcurrent to limit heat causing the charging time to increase.  In these instances there will not necessarilybe a notification pop-up on the device.


  • Chargingstopswhen temperature goes to below 0/ Charging current will be limited as 960mA when temperature is between ~0to 10.




Instanceswhere charging may be limited


  • The currentcapacity of G6 In-Box regular charger is 5V/9V 1.8A.  In caseof using chargers which have lower capacity than In-box charger or USB plug onPC, charging current is lower than In-box chargers.  This will result in a slower charge and usermay see a pop-up message for slow charge.


  • If thedevice detects moisture on USB IO, charging will be stoppedfor yoursafety.  Once the charging port and cable are dry youmay resume charging.


  • If nonstandardadaptor/cableisused to charge the device, Fast-Charge or charging will be limited.


  • If chargingcontinues for 12 hours, the device will stop charging in order to protect thebattery.



LG recommends to always use the in-box provided charging accessories forcharging your device.  Use of third partycharging accessories may void your warranty.



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