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Backup & restore: Auto-backup_G6

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 Backup& restore: Auto-backup


Set a schedule to back up your phone’s data




Howto Use


1.Open Settings > General tab >Backup & reset > Backup & restore


2.Select Backup and tap the overflow icon


3.Select Auto-backup and slide theswitch to ON to enable.


4.Select backup location, scheduleand items to backup.  Your Auto-backup isnot set, press Back button to exit.


Your data is automatically backed up atnight (~2 AM) whileyour phone ischarging
Auto-backupretains only the latest backup file. Subsequent auto-backups will write over the previous file.
Downloadapps are not supported
Youcan back up data to Internal storageor SD card. 
Backupfiles retained in Internal Storage will be deleted if you perform a factorydata reset.





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