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Water resistance: Device detection and handling_G6

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 Waterresistance: Device detection and handling


While the LG G6 is water resistant,certain functions for the device may still be impacted when exposed to water






a)Your device will detect when moisture isin the USB port.  When detected yourdevice will stop charging and you will see a notification prompt to remove anddry before use.  Make sure to dry the USBconnector on the LG G6 and the USB Cable before attempting to charge again.





a)If the display or your hands are wet youmay notice reduced touch performance. This is normal.  Dry the displayand your hands to resolve.


3.Earpieceand Speakerphone


a)Water in the earpiece or speakerphone mayreduce the audio quality of the device. Once the water is removed the speaker should return to normal.




a)Water in the microphone hole(s) mayaffect the ability of the other side to hear you or possibly the noisecancellation features of your device. Once the water is removed the microphone should return to normal.


5.Earphone Jack


a)Water in the earphone jack may result inno or distorted audio or recognition issues (Earphone icon displayed withoutthe earphone or Earphone icon not displayed with the earphone inserted).  Ensure water is removed from the headset jackand the headset connector.  Once thewater is removed the headset operation should return to normal.


6.Fingerprint recognition


a)If the fingerprint sensor or your handsare wet you may notice reduce fingerprint recognition. Dry the sensor and yourhands to resolve

While the LG G6 is water resistant,certain functions for the device may still be impacted when exposed to water



Cautionwhen removing water

Do notinsert metal objects into the USB connectoror other hole as you may damage the components.
Recommend to use a microfiber type clothto wick the water.  Cotton swab, facialtissue or toilet tissue may get stuck or leave residue behind.  Check the opening and remove any materialbefore use.
Ensure both the device and connectedaccessory are completely dried before use.



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