LG Air Conditioning

LG Titan is a next
generation air conditioning system
which has the world`s best cooling performance.
The unit has a unique Allergy Free Filter
certified by the British Allergy Foundation.
Change your atmosphere completely
with LG Titan for your healthy living

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Air Conditioning Units

Style and technology come together in our residential air conditioning units. Featuring changeable ARTCOOL panels and innovative features, like allergy reduction filters, LG’s air conditioning systems offer a sophisticated way to cool your space. Learn More

With an air conditioning system from LG, you can efficiently heat or cool one room or one area of your home. Just a few features that make our air conditioning units among the best include:

Powerful Air Throw: Many of our air conditioning units feature powerful fans that allow you to feel cool breezes up to 12 meters away.

Step Control: To help you cool specific areas faster, our air conditioning systems allow you to adjust the horizontal vanes in an array of increments. Additionally, select units offer optional vertical louver controls, which allow you to adjust vertical louvers independently of the horizontal vanes.

ARTCOOL Changeable Panels: With our easy-to-apply ARTCOOL changeable panels, you can change the color of your air conditioning unit to match your room’s décor.

Allergy Reduction Filter: Because many of our air conditioning units are outfitted with allergy reduction filters that help break down allergens when the air passes through them, our systems can not only keep you cooler, but help make the air you breathe cleaner.

Tropical Compressor & Gold Fin: To ensure that our air conditioning systems stand up to the elements now – and for years to come – many units come with a tropical compressor and anti-corrosive gold fin, as well as LG’s industry leading warranty.

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