Spotless Image with an Expansive True HD Display

Life-like Colors

The ingenious combination of True HD and IPS guarantees that you'll enjoy life-like color clarity with bright and brilliant viewing whether you're indoors, outdoors or viewing from wide angles.

Clearly More Legible

The True HD IPS Display with 313 pixels per inch and 550 nit brightness boasts readability that's crisper, sharper and reduces typos.

Big Picture for Great Excitement

Capture theater-like excitement with a 4.7" 1:9 aspect ratio screen that delivers vibrant and outstanding visual resolution.

Peerless Performance via 1.5Ghz Quad Core

Accelerate Your Everything

Take on your day and everything that stands in your way with the full-throttle power of the 1.5Ghz Quad Core Processor that has a market proven average benchmark score of over 4,000. Enjoy the best of lag-free loading, seamless multitasking and detailed graphics.

High Intensity Gaming

Take your games to the next level with spectacular performance that was once only available on PCs. Use the dynamic power of the Quad Core engines to release the excitement of your games.

4-PLUS-1™ Fifth Battery-saver Companion Core

The NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 Processor is the world's only 4-PLUS-1™ quad-core mobile processor designed for high-level multimedia performance. Also, it utilizes a fifth battery-saver core to handleless demanding tasks such as active standby and music playback to maximize power efficiency.

Timeless Look with an Attention to Detail

Signature Style Craftsmanship

Inspired by high-end fashion and personalized for you LG's new L-Style strikes a balance between modern sophistication and a human touch for a look of futuristic chic. Stay cool with metallic accents that contrast beautifully with the warm leather and intricate detailing.

Sleek and Stylish

Grab and go with a refined slim design that fits perfectly in your hand and stylish lifestyle. LG's own innovative Floating Mass Technology creates a system of layers that actually make the phone look even slimmer than it actually is.

Delicate Elements

The display's edges are supported by well defined lines for a dignified look. The chamfer leaves a lasting impression as it pulls everything together with a brilliant blend of design and durability. Putting on the finishing touches are the high-end watch inspired eloquent side ornaments.

Media Plex™

Live Zooming

Find the just view you're looking for as you can zoom in and out while your videos are playing.

Fingertip Seek

Conveniently swipe and search the scenes of your choice by checking the live playing thumbnail with your finger.

Thumbnail List Play

Continuously view films uninterrupted while browsing and selecting from your video list. Click any thumbnail on your video list for a preview. Simply drag and drop into the main viewing area to play a movie from the list.

Video Speed Control

Control the speed of the scenes you are viewing from x0.5 to x2 to find just the right speed to match your needs.

Limitless & Free Customization<

Icon Customizer

Create your own personal expression with icons that are just as unique as you are. Take pictures from your gallery and use them as customized icons and shortcuts for a one of kind look.

Notification Panel

Make your control panel your own with the ability to customize it to your personal tastes.

Gesture Zooming

Optimize your web-browsing efficiency with singlehanded use. Simply tilt the phone to seamlessly zoom in and out.

Boundless Power & Efficiency

2,150 mAh Long Lasting Battery & Bright UI

Power up your ability to get things done with the intensely powerful 2,150mAh Battery. The breakthrough SiO+ technology boasts an enormous power capacity without ever compromising its slim size. The perfect view and smart energy consumption are no longer mutually exclusive. True HD IPS display has doubled the power efficiency compared to competitors for a longer battery life when viewing white-on backgrounds.

Eco Mode

Make the most of your battery life as Eco Mode switches to a single core with the push of a button. Eco Mode enables maximum efficiency and allows you to do all the things you love with added longevity.


Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatized. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

LG Optimus 4X HD is redefining the meaning of fast as it ushers in a new era of brilliant Hypermedia performance. Burst through daily barriers with accelerated multitasking powered by the superior Quad Core Engine. Treat your eyes to stunningly crisp and vividly real browsing, gaming and viewing on the True HD 4.7" bright display. Completing the evolution of smart with swagger is its sleek design. Go ahead, turn it on and show it off.

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