Cleans Quietly but Thoroughly

Powerfully Smart Because of the square design, the side brushes are placed closer towards the front.

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Vacuum Cleaners

LG vacuums feature ergonomic, thoughtful designs that make cleaning easier. Whether you choose an upright or canister vacuum, your LG vacuum cleaner will always deliver great power for a cleaner home. Learn More

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Canister Vacuums: The ideal solution for hard-to-clean places, canister vacuum cleaners are designed to clean mini-blinds, base boards, and ledges, as well as your floors and upholstered furniture, with ease. To help make cleaning your space even easier, your canister vacuum may feature a crevice tool, digital dirt full indicator, dust compression system and more.

Upright Vacuums: This traditional-style vacuum cleaner boasts comfortable handles and powerful suction that allows you to clean carpets and hard floors with ease. Features found on our upright vacuum cleaners often include: Telescopic handles, washable HEPA filter, High Max Power for more efficient air flow and automatic cord rewinders.

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