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LG RC8015C Tumble Dryer

8Kg Dryer


  • Efficient Tumbling Control
  • Load Sensor
  • Electro-Safety Sensor
  • Temperature Selector


The Benefits of Sensor Dry

LG Sensor Dry Knows When the Load Is Finished

Conventional dryers just keep going, no matter how dry your garments get. That’s bad for clothes and the environment. That’s why LG created Sensor Dry. Multiple sensors evaluate when to stop, based on how much moisture is present. Sensor Dry is not only good for your clothing; it’s also great for your energy bills.

Electro-Safety Sensor

Electro-Safety Sensor

Multiple, ultra-efficient drying programmes-with optimised air-flow systems-dry loads faster, more quietly, and save money

Efficient Tumbling Control

Efficient Tumbling Control

Unlike normal tumble dryers, LG Dryers tumble in both directions to untangle the load and dry more efficiently.

Temperature selector

Manually overrides pre-set cleaning programs.

Water Tank Sterilisation

An anti-bacterial coating that prevents contamination

Temperature Selector

Manually overrides pre-set cleaning programmes.

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it's a superior selection of drying programmes and precise temperature controls, even your most delicate fabrics are in good hands. This LG tumble dryer has a Sensor Dry system that adjusts the drying time and temperature of every load, so each garment gets the treatment it needs. It has seven additional options, including child lock and energy saver

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