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Inspired by you.

You look for new technology that does not complicate,
but simplifies your life.

The LG G3 makes it all possible.

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The World's First 34inch UltraWide QHD

The World's First
34inch UltraWide QHD

The 3440X1440 UltraWide QHD display
offers the sharpest picture quality.

• 21:9 UltraWide QHD
• Thunderbolt™ 2
• Crystal Float / CINEMA Screen Design

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LG G2 mini

Tap your phone to your own beat with “Knock Code” and glide through every action smoothly using the Rear Key, so every experience fits your own personal style. Unleash the G2 mini, a device that’s simple yet smart!

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Now that's Smart

LG, the only Smart TV with NOW TV, brings you a great offer. Buy an LG Smart TV* and as a thank you, LG will give you 7 Sky Sports Day Passes and 3 Sky Movies Month Passes. Start streaming and enjoy live Pay As You Go Sky Sports and the latest Sky Movies via the exclusive NOW TV app.

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