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Snippets from the LG SIGNATURE brand book. Snippets from the LG SIGNATURE brand book.

Partner Up to Present "the Art of Technology"

The SIGNATURE Imprint on Monocle’s Archives

A signature trait is one that defines us. It’s also the way we choose to illustrate, or mark with a scribble or a stroke, our name. Every stroke or flourish denotes a specific attribute and together, represent facets of our character.

As signatures evolve, they often shed unnecessary ornament, condensing or developing into a visual descriptor of ourselves. In the current era of diverse and fluid tastes, having our own signature trait that sets us apart from one another ranges from the way we carry ourselves to the daily choices and habits we engage in. Whether through daily practices or our measured choices, our actions make statements of ourselves, tidbits representative of our identities.

Snippets from the LG SIGNATURE brand book.

Image credits: the October 2022 issue of Monocle magazine.

A defining hallmark of LG SIGNATURE is none other than its dedication to the art of technology. True to the spirit, its products elevate the day-to-day by transforming the commonplace into remarkably engaging moments, heralding a new way of life for its loyal, discerning user base. Not unlike the way LG SIGNATURE indulges the sensibilities of its users, Monocle addresses its shrewd readership through reliably reported briefings. How Monocle ventures beyond the extent of customary narratives and its predilection for inventive enterprises and futuristic design make it a fitting partner of LG SIGNATURE. Accordingly, in Monocle’s history of brand partnerships, no other tech–home appliances company has worked as intimately with the publisher as LG SIGNATURE has. As key partners mutually and intensely involved in the endeavor, Monocle and LG SIGNATURE jointly showcase a new way of life through the publication of a brand book.

The logos of LG SIGNATURE and Monocle.

The two brands have a history of close collaboration, starting in 2020 with a film series themed “The Art of Hosting.” Now in 2022 as LG SIGNATURE anticipates the launch of its second-generation product lineup, the partnership has produced an in-depth archive that extensively outlines the origins and future of LG SIGNATURE. The remarkable partnership has gained momentum thanks in large part to the shared appreciation for new ways of life LG SIGNATURE and Monocle have, and their propensity for presenting them to cultured audiences from the world over.

Glimpses of the LG SIGNATURE brand book.

The LG SIGNATURE X Monocle brand book offers a comprehensive look into how LG SIGNATURE taps in to decades of technical knowledge and profound understanding of human behavior to put forth the most innovative home appliances. Expressive of the brand’s history, identity, and ambition, the brand book features LG insiders as well as global ambassadors who reflect and live in the spirit of LG SIGNATURE.

Of the multiple ways LG SIGNATURE has interacted with its users since its 2016 launch, the ultra-premium brand has rarely, if ever, come by an opportunity akin to the development of this brand book. Like no other precedent, this occasion has paved for LG SIGNATURE a venue to leave an extensive account that covers its birth to not only its present, but also where it is headed in the near and far future.

LG SIGNATURE home appliances: the Washer & Dryer (on the left) and Refrigerator (on the right).

The brand book begins by recounting the LG history, laying the basis for readers to grasp how the best of LG design and technology meld into LG SIGNATURE. It then expounds on the ideals comprising LG SIGNATURE. LG SIGNATURE’s mission to elevate the everyday by marrying art and technology is rightfully met with a staunch refusal to compromise its craftsmanship at any cost.

A moodbooard designers use to brainstorm, collect, and visualize ideas.
A headshot of Torsten Valeur, master design adviser of LG SIGNATURE
A behind-the-scenes glimpse of OLED R, SIGNATURE's rollable TV in the making.

1.A moodboard designers reap inspiration from.

2.LG SIGNATURE master design adviser Torsten Valeur prioritizes the essence of a product.

3.OLED R, the world’s first rollable TV, spawned from years of trial and error.

The second part of the brand book then introduces LG insiders who saw through the birth of the brand and its product launches. Starting from how visionaries conceived of the brand identity, the account affords even a microscopic — albeit in no way any less paramount — look into the way engineers, researchers, and designers attend to their craft: in making and honing LG SIGNATURE products as they endure copious amounts of trial, error, and repetition thereof.

A side shot of James Suckling examining the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar.
A full body shot of Olivia Palermo, an LG SIGNATURE global ambassador and fashion model.
A side shot of John Legend, an LG SIGNATURE global ambassador and music icon.

1.Wine critic James Suckling appreciates how the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar stores wide-ranging wine varieties at temperatures ideal for each.

2.Olivia Palermo feels supported by all the ways LG SIGNATURE products enhance her busy day-to-day.

3.John Legend attributes enormous value to family time, and LG SIGNATURE lets him make the most of such moments.

These inspiring anecdotes are then followed by the last portion of the brand book, which features global icons of our age and LG SIGNATURE ambassadors who manifest, vis-à-vis their respective careers, lifestyles, and philosophies, the spirit of LG SIGNATURE. In addition to such glimpses of the LG SIGNATURE community, readers can feast their eyes on exclusively illustrated snapshots of daily living along with LG SIGNATURE products. From the birth of the brand to the behind-the-scenes of product-making, stories on LG SIGNATURE are delightful insights to take in for those in any walks of life.

The LG SIGNATURE brand book on the Monocle online shop.

We at LG SIGNATURE are thrilled to present you a new way of life we envisioned and captured through the Monocle brand book. Starting September 2022, the book becomes available for viewing and purchases through all 11 of Monocle global retail outposts around the world (from Zurich and London to Tokyo, LA, and more). In Zurich and London, Christmas pop-up stores will also feature the brand book for sale in upcoming December. The Monocle online shop will also highlight the book, as too will its weekly newsletter, plus its next-up issue of The Entrepreneurs.

Tune into the journey LG SIGNATURE has been on and is headed — and we assure you there are fewer better ways than to explore these chronicles through Monocle’s lens.

The LG SIGNATURE book is featured atop a centric display shelf at the Monocle shop in London.