We will give you LG warranty information here We will give you LG warranty information here

Business Warranty

We will give you LG warranty information here

Not applicable in every subsidiary. Please contact your local LG B2B sales person to see which is applicable and available.

LG B2B Service Introduction

LG B2B service conditions can be as per below examples/options. (Based upon contracted sales agreements. See local conditions.) ;

  • Rapid repair Service (e.g. within I day Service)
  • Rapid Swap Service (e.g. within 4 Hours Service)
  • Remote Diagnosis Service (e.g. If customer wants a remote diagnosis report)
  • Multinational (cross border) service (available for most countries. Speak to a local contact for clarification.)
  • Cruise Service
  • Installation Quality Control Service
  • Periodic Visit Maintenance Service (e.g every two months)
  • ACP (Advance Care Program) Service (currently only available in some countries, please check with local contact.)
This is an Image to describe General Warranty Service of LG Electronics. B2C (Basic Service) is providing services as In Home, Pick up & Delivery,  Carry – In, and Swap, also B2B(Service Offering) is providing Extended Warranty,  Quick Swap, Repair, Response, and  Multinational Warranty. This is an Image to describe General Warranty Service of LG Electronics. B2C (Basic Service) is providing services as In Home, Pick up & Delivery,  Carry – In, and Swap, also B2B(Service Offering) is providing Extended Warranty,  Quick Swap, Repair, Response, and  Multinational Warranty.

General Warranty

  • Subject to the terms below, LG Electronics UK will, during the warranty period, authorise a free of charge repair or SWAP (whichever is applicable) of All LG product or its included accessories (as applicable) if, in LGE UK’s opinion, it it needs a repair because of a manufacturing or materials defect appearing within, and notified to LGE UK in accordance with its warranty, within such period.

  • This warranty is not transferable and applies to the original purchaser only. No LG employee, product re-seller or Authorized Service Centre has authority to vary the terms of this warranty. Goods presented for repair maybe replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.
    In case of distributor market, LGE entrusts distributor with full service for customer by sales discount program (BOG*).
    LGE provides free buffer at shipment to the distributor. Distributor will hold full responsibility for customer.

Guidance for Warranty Period

Estimated standard for warranty period

LG electronics accomplish the product warranty according to local warranty conditions.

Part warranty period

  • Parts warranty period means the quality guaranteed for the parts which are either within the product itself, or which constitute part of the product package.
  • General parts warranty period – Basically, it make a rule to be same as the product warranty period. ( If the part is selected by core item, it will be applied based on the special criteria)

Warranty period for the General Product

HE Product Name, Basic Warranty, Remarks
Product Name Basic Warranty Remarks
Hotel TV 3 Years*

Warranty based on product sold in UK market

*Excludes OLED Hotel TV Models (65WU960H/55EU961H/65EU961H)

** Commercial Pro and Hotel TV basic warranty extension to 3 years, applies for products purchased from 2019 onwards

Monitor Signage 3 Years
Commercial Pro 3 Years**
Settop Box 2 Years

Warranty period for Air Conditioning

HE Product Name, Basic Warranty,Extended warranty, Remarks
Product Name Basic Warranty Extended warranty Remarks
SAC 3 Years 5 Years Must be serviced biannually
RAC 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years compressor warranty
Must be serviced biannually
Therma V 3 Years 7 Years Must be serviced biannually
Multi V 3 Years 5 Years Must be serviced biannually

Service Process

LG Electronics recommends B2B customer and/or SI company to make a purchase of buffer stock to keep the business running normally minimizing downtime. The basic service process for B2B customer/SI company is as follows,

Pre-sales step
  1. 1. The SI company install their hardware and software along with LG products.
  2. 2. The Sales Engineer of LG Electronics will support when SI request for Installation method or other technical queries.
  3. 3. LG Electronics recommends that SI company should help clarify theirs system in case of any problems occurring to B2B customers.
  4. 4. If Hotel TV, Signage have problem during installation, Sales Engineer of LG Electronics will aim to support the SI and B2B customers.
Post-sales step
  1. 1. If defect occurs, B2B customer will contact SI company first.
  2. 2. SI should check the reason behind the problem to see if it is caused by LG product or not. SI company will restore the system of B2B customer by utilizing buffer stock.
  3. 3. If the defect caused by LG Electronics' product issue, SI engineer can escalate to the local B2B service contact point (refer to APPENDIX_REGIONAL CONTACT POINT). De-installation & re-installation of the product should be executed by SI or B2B customer.
  4. 4. LG will seek to remedy the problem within the appointed period with customer by arranging LG designated service engineer.
  5. 5. Service conditions and warranty policies of all countries can be different. Warranty is subject to the applicable laws of the country in which is it used.

Limited Warranty

  • It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the product is used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines detailed in the instruction manual, supplied with the product, failure to do so will invalidate the warranty.

The followings are not covered under LG General warranty

The followings are not covered under LG General warranty Reason, Not Covered
Reason Not Covered
Damaged Product
  • Damage caused in shipping or transit, moving or changing installation location.
  • Product damage due to improper customer installation or installation inconsistent with guide in owner’s manual and other LG’s instruction (eg. product installed in a place with excessive dust, abundant oil mist, chemical substances are used, operating in very high or low temperature, high humidity).
  • Damage (including cosmetic damage) or failure, due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper maintenance or storage, or to acts of God or other causes beyond LG’s control. (Causes beyond LG’s control include but are not limited to lightning strike, power surges, power outages and water damage).
  • Damage or missing components to any display, open box, discounted, or refurbished product.
  • Damage caused by computer or internet viruses, bugs, worms or Trojan Horses.
Product issues
  • Product issues due to deficient signal reception or set up adjustments.
  • Product issues caused by use of parts, peripherals or software not recommended by LG.
  • Product issues due to modification of or to any part of the Product.
  • Product issues due to repair or replacement of warranted parts by other than LG authorized service center.
  • Consumable parts or accessories (such as fuses or disposable batteries).
  • Product where the original factory serial numbers have been removed, defaced or changed in any way.
  • Image Sticking or Image Retention cased by displaying fixed image or same pattern for a lone time.
  • The life time of display panel is determined as the time which luminance of the lamp is 50% compared to that of initial value.
User’s responsibility for the software supplied by LGE
  1. 1. Customer must comply with any technical limitations in the software that only allow to use it in certain ways.
  2. 2. Customer may not
    • work around any technical limitations in the software;
    • reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software;
    • make more copies of the Software than specified in this agreement;
    • publish the software for others to copy
  3. 3. This software warranty does not apply to defects resulting from unauthorized modifications, misuse, abuse, or operation for purposes other than the intended use.

Guidance for Cruise Warranty

Warranty Policy

Warranty Period (Europe)

Warranty Period (Europe) Product Category, Warranty period
Product Category Warranty period
Commercial TV 2 Years
Monitor Signage 3 Years
Media Player 2 or 3 Years (depends on purchased country)
  • From The date of installation of a new unit. Within the warranty period, defective products will be repaired free of charge.
  • In principle, The warranty period will be counted by the date of cruising start of a new unit, If customer and LGE get mutual agreement before contract.
  • Cruise operator need to share information in advance. Such as Cruise routes (include ports)/schedule, Appoint Ports for repair purpose and etc.
  • Sales support team needs to upload serial no and installation date (warranty start date) in the B2B GERP system. (Subs. B2B sales person needs to inform sales support team.)

Warranty Condition

Warranty Condition, Warranty Period
Warranty Condition Warranty Period
Within warranty
  • Customer is responsible for proper information of the defective unit.
  • The target turnaround time of the repair is 1 to 14 days.
  • LGE will provide on-site repair at designated port.(LGE designate ports according to cruise company’s itinerary in advance.)
  • If the defective unit is not reparable by LG, The Unit will be replaced for same unit or substitute model which has a same quality as defective unit.
Out of Warranty
  • For “Out of Warranty” claims the process is the same as for “Within Warranty”. however, cost settlement process is that sales subsidiary provide quotation to cruise company. If cruise company accepts quotation, they need to prepayment service cost to sales subsidiary.
  • The required functional spare parts are available for the authorized B2B service workshops during 5 Years from the time that production ceases.
Extended warranty
  • In case of “Extended Warranty” claims customer is able to use the same process like for “Within Warranty”. When registering the product information to the service offering system. Extended Warranty is validated based on the serial number provided.
Dead on Arrival
  • The means a Product that fail out of the Box or failed upon when is installation.
  • A LGE product is considered DOA if it shows symptoms of a functional failure, preventing basic operability, upon its first use out of the box.
  • In case the System Integrator has to contact LG representative within 30 calendar days of the invoice date.
  • The replacement product will be shipped in a special shipment box without accessories.
  • The defective product must be returned undamaged, using the packaging of the replacement product and without all accessories.

Global Service Network for Cruise Biz

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea Country / Port, Sub. Contact Point, Email, Remarks
Country / Port Sub. Contact Point Email Remarks
Massimo Rise massimo.rise@lge.com National 199-600-122
Spain / Barcelona Mariano Valiente
Carlos Tovar
+34 96 305 05 00
Greece / Rhodes MARKOS MATSAMAKIS markos.matsamakis@lge.com 801 11 200 900 or
0030 210 4800564
(from mobile phone usage)

Northern Europe

Northern Europe Country / Port, Sub. Contact Point, Email, Remarks
Country / Port Sub. Contact Point Email Remarks
Germany / Kiel Patrick Hoff patrick.hoff@lge.com 01806-807020
Denmark / Copenhagen Joacim Makenzius joacim.makenzius@lge.com 80250940
Sweden / Stockholm joacim.makenzius@lge.com B2B@lgservice.se +46 (0) 771 54 54 50
Norway / Oslo joacim.makenzius@lge.com B2B@lgservice.se +47 800 101 34

North Atlantic & North Pacific Ocean

North Atlantic & North Pacific Ocean Country / Port, Sub. Contact Point, Email, Remarks
Country / Port Sub. Contact Point Email Remarks
USA / New York Eddy Rosario/LGEAI Customer Service Field Service DMS eddy.rosario@lge.com 973) 303-6624
USA / Boston Matthew Romano Targ@msn.com
USA / Baltimore Walter Cross walter.cross@lge.com
USA / Charleston Darren Bradley alltronics@knology.net 843-766-0677
USA / Port Canaveral Alejo Cortes/LGEAI Customer Service Field Service DMS al.cortes@lge.com (407) 408-7065
USA / Portland, ME David Munster david@dmunsterstv.com 207-874-0724
USA / New Orleans Daniel Cunningham daniel.cunningham@lge.com
USA / Miami Monte Moore/LGEAI Customer Service Field Service DMS monte.moore@lge.com (305) 978-0101
USA / San Francisco James Loggia james.loggia@lge.com (209) 640-4634

South Pacific Ocean & Caribbean Sea
South Pacific Ocean & Caribbean Sea Country / Port, Sub. Contact Point, Email, Remarks
Country / Port Sub. Contact Point Email Remarks
Mexico / Puerto Vallarta Cesar Huerta electronica.integral@yahoo.com.mx 322 224 3736
Mexico / Cozumel Fernado Diaz fer_diaz55@hotmail.com 999 9205660
Puertorico / San Juan Luis Chen luis.chen@lge.com 001-800-510-9564
Chile / Punta Arenas Jaime Donoso
Alejandra Muñoz
(022) 2995400
Brazil / Rio de Janeiro Glauco Macedo +55 (12) 3411 3637 glauco.macedo@lge.com 0800 727 5454 /
3004 5454
Jamaika / Ocho Rios Luis Chen luis.chen@lge.com Jamaica
USA / Kahului akastv808@gmail.com 808-564-0005
Dominican Rep. / Santo Domingo Luis Chen luis.chen@lge.com Rep. Dominicana
Dominican Rep. / La Romana Franklin Kwai Ben franklin.kwaiben@lge.com Rep. Dominicana

Middle East Sea & ASIA

Middle East Sea & ASIA Country / Port, Sub. Contact Point, Email, Remarks
Country / Port Sub. Contact Point Email Remarks
UAE / Dubai Mr. Rajkumar
Mr. Na (+971-50-663-2426)
800-54 /
Thailand /
Any City(Harbor)
Mr. Sangbum Lee
Mr. Jirawit
China / Sanghai 姜玲娣 lingdi.jiang@lge.com 18917611010