Which Type of Fridge Freezer to Choose?

LG fridge freezers offer a whole range of features to keep your food in peak condition, so you can be confident whichever model you choose will deliver the best in refrigeration technology.

If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, it’s easy to integrate your dream Fridge Freezer; if you have an existing gap to fill, you may find your choice is dictated by space. The good news about the LG range of fridge freezers is that we have multiple models and sizes to suit every home.

Three key types to choose from are as follows:
• American Style Fridge Freezer: combines fridge and freezer side by side
• Multi-Door Fridge Freezer: double doors with full-width fridge above and freezer below
• Tall Fridge Freezer: slimline appliance with fridge on top and freezer below

Knock Twice & See Inside
InstaView Door-in-Door™

Available on both our American style fridge freezers and Multi-Door fridge freezers, LG’s proprietary InstaView Door-in-Door™ feature drastically reduces loss of cold air and keeps your food fresher for longer. Simply knock twice on the InstaView™ panel to see inside without opening the door and use Door-in-Door™ for quick & easy access to your favourite drinks and snacks in a front compartment.

American Style Fridge Freezers

American style fridge freezers are two-door models with fridge and freezer standing side by side. Popular with bigger families, they offer vast quantities of space with our largest model offering a generous 635L capacity – that’s 35 bags of shopping!

Multi-Door Fridge Freezers

Also known as French style or French door fridge freezers, LG’s Multi-Door models offer a capacious two-door Fridge above with Freezer drawers below. Beloved of foodies, they offer extra-wide space for cold storage of a food platter, fish kettle or trays of canapés – perfect if you enjoy entertaining. Can’t fit the full-size version? Look for LG’s slimmer 835mm-wide Multi-Door option.

Tall Fridge Freezers

The classic slimline, vertical food storage system with fridge above and freezer below. Space-saving and sleek, they fit effortlessly into the smaller kitchen yet offer an instant style upgrade with options including integrated ice and water dispenser.

What Size Fridge Freezer Should I Choose?

At LG we want every customer to get the fridge freezer that suits them best, so we offer a selection of sizes within each range.

Do make sure you check the exact dimensions of your preferred model against the space you have available. Maximum / minimum dimensions within each range are as follows:
Two refrigerators

American Style Fridge Freezers

W : 912-913 / H : 1790 / D : 735-743(mm)
625 - 655L
Two refrigerators

Multi-Door Fridge Freezers

W : 912 / H : 1790 – 1793 / D : 744 - 745(mm)
638 – 643L
Two refrigerators

Slim Multi-Door Fridge Freezers

W : 835 / H : 1787 / D : 734(mm)
Two refrigerators

Tall Fridge Freezers

W : 595 / H : 1860 - 2030 / D : 675 - 682(mm)

How to Measure & Fit Right

The refrigerator installed in the space The refrigerator installed in the space
Use this four-point plan to ensure your LG fridge freezer will be the perfect fit for your home:

1. Take accurate measurements of the space where you plan to install your LG fridge freezer. Remember to factor in any skirting boards when measuring width and depth, and ensure you have access to a power socket.

2. Add in some extra space around your LG fridge freezer to allow for ventilation. We recommend a buffer of at least 50mm on all sides including the top to allow for efficient operation.

3. Check you will have sufficient space around your Fridge Freezer to open the doors once installed. LG’s Combi models come with reversible doors for added flexibility of installation.

4. Think about how you will get your Fridge Freezer to its final destination. Will it fit through doorways / up the stairs / inside a communal elevator? Measure and plan the access route beforehand or installation could cause headaches. Doors are removeable on certain models for ease of installation / access.

Choice of Colours & Finish

Their sheer size makes fridge freezers generally one of the most visible appliances in the kitchen, so it’s important to get the colour and finish right. LG offers a menu of modern neutral options to ensure you can find a fridge freezer that either matches existing appliances or provides a stylish contrast. Choose from the following selection of colours:
There is a refrigerator in the kitchen


Many LG American style fridge freezers are available in Black or Matt Black: guaranteed to give your kitchen that ‘wow’ factor.
There is a refrigerator in the kitchen


From Silver to Stainless or Shiny Steel, this is a sleek, timeless look that integrates well with most kitchen styles and colour schemes.
There is a refrigerator in the kitchen

Dark Graphite

Choose this shade if you are looking for a chic darker option but don’t want to go all the way to higher-maintenance Black.
Check individual product pages to find out which colourways are available in your chosen style of LG Fridge Freezer.


Convenient & Smart

Drinking water from the water purifier in the refrigerator

Ice & Water Dispenser

Instant access to chilled, filtered water and ice, whenever you fancy it? Yes, please!
Ice and water dispensers are available across all types of LG fridge freezers – including the slimline Tall range.
You don’t even have to connect your LG fridge freezer to the main water supply to enjoy ice and water on tap.

Plumbed LG fridge freezers connect directly to your water supply through a filter for a secure supply of clean, chilled H₂O on demand. Cubed, crushed and artisan ice can also be dispensed, depending on the model.

When it’s not possible to access a water supply for your appliance, choose one of our non-plumbed models with a built-in refillable water tank connected to the door-mounted dispenser. Simply keep the tank topped up to enjoy the luxury of chilled water on tap.
Frost Free FreezerThere is a side dish container in the refrigerator, the left side is the inside without frost, and the right side is the inside with frost

Frost Free Freezer

Those thick layers of frost inside your freezer are a real headache – not only do they eat into precious storage space, they can also compromise the freezer’s performance.
The LG Total No Frost system means never again will you face the chore of defrosting.
An automatic timer within your freezer activates a small heater periodically to prevent ice build-up: goodbye ice crystals, hello better freezer performance. Plus: more space to store your frozen food safely and securely!
You can see the living room in the back, the door of the refrigerator is open, and you're holding your phone with your hands

Smart Fridge with LG ThinQ™

Control your wi-fi enabled LG smart fridge freezer remotely via your smartphone using the LG ThinQ™ app. AI learns when and how often you open your LG fridge freezer doors and adjusts chill zones accordingly. Got a bag full of frozen food you want to chill quickly when you get home? Activate your Express Freeze in advance for instant usage on your return. You can even receive alerts on your phone if someone forgot to shut the fridge door properly.
*Available features and services may vary.
Pulling the sliding compartment in the refrigerator with your hand

Versatile Space Design

LG fridge freezers are packed with neat design features that help you make the most of your storage space.
- 2-Step Folding Shelf creates ample space for tall and bulky items like bottles that need to be stored vertically, a stockpot or a large joint of meat.
- Detachable Wine Rack means you can store your favourite tipples safely and at just the right temperature while still allowing air to circulate.
- Shallow Utility Box is the perfect place to keep cold meats and cheese.
*Features may vary by model

Fresh & Clean

Vegetable, fruit, and air bubbles are visible in the space divided into three squares


Reducing the fluctuation of temperatures in your fridge is key to keeping your food fresh and making it last longer. LinearCooling™ is LG’s propriety technology which reduces temperature range within your LG Fridge to just ±0.5℃ over time - to help keep your food at peak freshness for up to 7 days! It achieves this thanks to the strategic location of sensors around the interior of your fridge.
I can see the inside of the refrigerator door screen


In many refrigerators, the door is an area where the temperature can vary, but not with LG’s DoorCooling+™ technology which ensures all parts of your fridge are evenly cooled. Extra vents close to the ceiling of your LG fridge deliver a whoosh of cold air, like a curtain of chill, to maintain an even temperature across every zone. That means you can be confident that your food will be stored safely until you want to use it.
There is meat in the fresh compartment of the refrigerator


Storing your foodstuffs in the optimal environment is key to extending their lifespan as well as preserving goodness and flavour. That’s why LG fridge freezers incorporate the FRESHConverter™ slider control system - so while the rest of your LG fridge is kept at a consistent temperature, you can make micro-adjustments to the temperature inside the FRESHConverter™ meat/fish/vegetables box according to your needs.
The fruit in the refrigerator is being opened by hand

Freshness in Veggie Box

Moisture is a key factor in maintaining freshness for your fruit and vegetables. The FRESHBalancer™ box in LG fridge freezers is fitted with unique design features like our simple to use fruit (less moisture) / vegetable (more moisture) slider. Simply slide between venting options to adjusts the internal conditions depending on what you’re storing inside.
Look out too for LG’s Moist Balance Crisper™ design which uses a special lattice pattern on the box cover to enhance moisture retention.
The water purifier in the refrigerator is watering the cup


We all enjoy the convenience of having an ice and water dispenser, but what about the hygiene implications of having water on tap? Worry no more - LG’s high-tech UVnano auto clean function has it covered!
UVnano activates every hour, using germicidal UV LED to remove 99.9% of bacteria including E.coli, staph and pseudomonas aeruginosa from the nozzle of your water dispenser - protecting your health, enhancing your lifestyle!
bg-w-d bg-w-m
  • *Operates when the fridge doors are closed
    *Based on UL test results of LGE models Top Freezer B607S, B600SM, Bottom Freezer GBB72NSDFN, GBP32SWLZN, French Door GF-L570PL and TÜV Rheinland test results of LGE models Top Freezer GN-B392PXGB, Side-by-Side GSXV91NSAE, GSLV90PZAM, Larder GLT51PZGSZ, GLM71MBCSF by comparing with LG conventional models using LG’s internal testing method of measuring average peak to peak temperature fluctuation(±0.5˚C) in no load and normal temperature setting, measuring the time it took to reach the 5% weight reduction rate of pak choi on the shelf in the fresh food compartment, and comparing time for the temperature of the water container placed in the top basket to drop between DoorCooling+ and Non-DoorCooling+ models. DoorCooling+ is supposed to stop when the door is opened. Applicable models only. The result may vary in actual usage.
    *Above pictograms are presented for illustration purposes only and the exact location of Door Cooling+ may vary depending on models. (T/Freezer : Left side, The others : Top).

    *The UVnano (function name: Self Care) was assessed by laboratory tests by TÜV Rheinland using internal testing methods of measuring reduction of E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa in distilled water samples after exposure to the product’s UV LED for 10 minutes each hour, after a total of 24 hours in normal household use. Actual results may vary depending on environmental conditions and usage. The product does not treat or cure health-related conditions and does not guarantee that water filtered by the product will be free from contaminants such as microbiological particles affecting health of users.
    **UVnano is a compound of the words UV(ultraviolet) and nanometer(unit of length).

For Your Energy Efficient Home

The motor in the refrigerator in the kitchen operates as a whole in the shape of the refrigerator

LG Inverter Linear Compressor

LG fridge freezers boast market-leading energy efficiency. In the forefront is our Inverter Linear Compressor Technology which delivers lower energy consumption, noise and vibrations.

Find out how it works.
bg-w-d bg-w-m
  • A compressor is the means by which cold air is pumped around inside your fridge. Its operation has a major effect on the energy consumption of your appliance and its ability to maintain an even temperature throughout. Even cooling keeps your food fresher for longer, retards spoilage and thus reduces food waste.

    LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor technology uses a digital inverter to adjust the speed of the compressor, enabling your appliance to better maintain a consistent temperature compared with a single-speed compressor.

    Moreover, our Inverter Linear Compressor replaces the rotating motion of a conventional compressor with a simpler linear movement, significantly reducing friction. The result? Reduced energy loss, lower noise (35dB) and fewer vibrations from your LG fridge freezer.

    Cold air is pumped quietly as required around the interior of your LG fridge, delivering chill to the areas where it is needed, as it is needed. Food stays fresh for longer, you waste less and your energy bills do not suffer.

    *Compared to the refrigerator with LG conventional reciprocating compressor. Based on VDE testing comparing energy consumption and noise level between LGE model GBB530NSCXE and GBB530NSQWB.
*Warranty may vary by model, product use and territory

“Found Your Perfect LG Fridge Freezer?”


Are American fridge freezers worth it?
LG American style fridge freezers are great if you need plenty of storage space as they have over 600L of net capacity –perfect for large families or serous foodies! Also, compared to multi-door types, the verticality of their space structure means more shelves which can be very helpful with organizing your food items.
Do American fridge freezers use a lot of electricity?
Since they offer large storage space, American style fridge freezers generally tend to use to more energy than other types. That’s why it’s so much more important to make sure that your American style fridge freezer is as energy efficient as possible - LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor technology combines the energy-saving benefit of adjustable compressor speed with innovative linear structure which reduces friction points to minimize energy loss.
Which is the best American fridge freezer to buy?
LG InstaView Door-in-Door American Style Fridge Freezer is frequently picked by experts as one of the best American Style fridge freezers available. In addition to the hugely popular InstaView see-through panel and Door-in-Door access to front compartment, LG’s American Style Fridge Freezers boast a whole range of innovative features like LINEARCooling™, DoorCooling+™, SpacePlus™ Ice System as well as energy-saving Inverter Linear Compressor.
What is the point of an InstaView fridge?
LG’s unique InstaView™ uses a special tinted glass panel on the fridge door to give you a glimpse of what’s inside without opening the door – great for keeping all that precious cold air and saving energy! Simply know twice and the InstaView™ window will turn see-through.
What is the point of door-in-door refrigerator?
LG’s Door-in-Door™ provides quick and easy access to your favourite drinks and snacks in a front compartment without fully opening the fridge door, thus minimising cool air loss and curbing energy usage.
Is it better to have separate fridge and freezer?
If you really need the extra storage space, you might have to choose separate fridge and freezer. But in terms of cost, energy consumption and convenience of having everything storied in the same unit, a fridge freezer can be a more efficient alternative. Of course, it really depends on your needs and priorities.
Is double door fridge any good? /
Is double door fridge useful?
Also known as Tall fridge freezer, double door fridges offer the convenience of having a separate freezer section for all your frozen delights. LG Tall fridge freezers have bigger fridge space on top of freezer, giving you easy access to the more frequently used fridge.
What is a frost free fridge freezer?
It is a fridge freezer with a dynamic cooling system which automatically defrosts itself. Frost forms when water vapour hits ice-cold cooling coils, condenses into water and then immediately freezes. A frost free fridge freezer uses a timer to regularly turn on a heating coil around the cooling coil to melt the ice off, thus automatically preventing frost build-up.
What is the difference between a plumbed and non plumbed fridge?
A plumbed fridge is connected directly to the water supply to feed the water dispenser. A non-plumbed fridge is not connected to the water supply and instead uses a built-in water tank which you have to top up regularly.
How do non plumbed fridge freezers work?
LG’s non-plumbed fridge freezers come with a refillable water tank inside the fridge. You top up the water tank with clean water so it can feed the water dispense with chilled water.
What does plumbed water and ice dispenser mean?
A plumbed water and ice dispenser is connected to the water supply which automatically and directly feeds the dispenser – so there’s no need to fill it up yourself!
How does non plumbed ice dispenser work?
In a non-plumbed fridge freezer, you manually fill a built-in water tank in the fridge which is connected to the ice maker in the freezer. The ice maker in turn feeds the ice dispenser.
How to change temperature setting on fridge freezer?
Use the Control Panel on the door or inside the fridge to set a desired temperature for fridge or freezer. On supported models, you may also use LG ThinQ App on your smartphone to change temperature setting remotely.
How to choose a fridge freezer?
A whole range of factors come into play when choosing a fridge freezer, from performance and innovative features to design and price. Our recommendation is to choose a type first that best suits your needs and home environment. Then you can compare different models with different features, design and price tags to find the one that’s best for you!
What should I look for when buying a refrigerator? What to consider when buying a fridge freezer?
First and foremost, make sure it’s LG (seriously)! Once you’ve decided on a type that best suits your needs and home environment (American style, Multi-Door or Tall?), look for innovative cooling technologies that keep your food items fresher for longer, convenient features like Total No Frost, water and ice dispensers (preferably with UVnano for auto-cleaning) or folding shelf. Don’t forget to check energy efficiency and product guarantee!
What size fridge freezer do I need?
Although it very much depends on your lifestyle, for a good rule of thumb: our Tall fridge freezer (340-384L is normally sufficient for a small household of 1-2 people: Slim
Multi-Door models hold 506-508L which is good for a family of 3-4: for a larger family, we recommend Multi-Door or American Style models that can store anything between 625-705L.