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Frequently Asked Questions


You can check the status of your order in the "My Orders" section of the LG Online Shop.

Yes, only registered users who can access the site through their LG account (created on our website are able to make purchases on the LG Online Shop. Purchasing as a registered user enables you to follow the status of orders directly on your 'My Account' page.

Purchasing on the LG Online Shop is simple and safe. A few easy steps are needed to place an order:

1. Select the product you want to buy, click on the "Add to basket" button

2. Choose whether to continue shopping or click on "Proceed to checkout"

3. When you are done shopping, click on "Your basket "and then click on" Proceed to checkout ". Fill in all the necessary information for the delivery and follow the instructions to pay. You will receive an email confirming your orders.

Once order is confirmed on LG Online Shop, the delivery address cannot be changed.

Payment & Financing

Once the payment has been made on the LG Online Shop, the payment method cannot be changed. To change the payment method of an order, you must cancel the order and make a new one.

LG Online Shop allows you to use the following payment methods:

  • Payments by Credit/Debit card: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, and Amex
  • Payments by Paypal


For orders placed through the LG Online Shop, delivery within UK mainland territory is available only.

You can select delivery option during checkout process.

Delivery option is different by product category. You can select delivery options like installation during checkout. Usually, delivery to your door within 7-10 working days.

If the courier makes an unsuccessful delivery attempt (cannot find anyone at home), it will issue a notice of attempted delivery in which the number of the branch to be contacted is reported to agree on a further delivery.

Contact our customer support team on 0344 847 1402 and communicate the tracking number of the shipment.

If the packaging of the product arrives damaged at the time of delivery, it is advisable to open the product in the presence of the courier to check the contents; If product is damaged it is advised to refuse delivery. 

If product found to be damaged/faulty straight after delivery. You can request a return through the Online Shop. The return procedure can be activated only within 30 days from the order delivery date.

Cancellation & Return

No, it is not possible to change a product, you must cancel the order first and then re-order. Please see the cancellation section in these FAQ’s.

For more information, contact customer service at 0344 847 1402.

On cancellation or when exercising your short term right to reject the product(s), you will receive your refund within 14 days, using the same payment method that you used during the purchase process.

Please note, the products will be inspected on receipt. Where you have exercised your right to cancellation (ie you’ve changed your mind) we reserve the right to partially refund, depending on the condition of the product. Where you have exercised your short-term right to reject, we shall also examine the condition of the product to ensure there is no physical damage.

If you have exercised your right of rejection/cancellation, the product will be collected by couriers on behalf of LG Electronics U.K. Ltd / Digital River. Once you have requested the return, LG Electronics U.K. Ltd shall organise the collection of the product through their courier. You will therefore receive notification/contact from the courier.

Returns shall only be offered to those residing in the UK, who have ordered from this website to a UK address.

It is possible to exercise your short-term right to reject within 30 days from the date of delivery, by means of an explicit declaration including the name and surname and contact details of the buyer, the order number and the model of the product to be returned, by contacting LG in the following ways :

  - By filling out the contact form at return request page on website.

 Following the receipt of your request, you will receive a 'confirmation e-mail of return request'.

The right of withdrawal can only be exercised by consumers.

The cancellation of the order is possible only if the product has not already been dispatched to the shipping address indicated during the purchase process. 

To cancel an order, it is necessary to click on the "cancel" button on the "my order" page.

When we receive an order cancellation request we try to do everything possible to cancel the order. However, if the product has already been dispatched, it may be necessary for you to reject the Product on delivery, so it is returned by the courier.

For more information contact our Customer Service on the following number 0344 847 1402.

Purchases made on this site are considered "distance sales" and legally, you have 14 days from the date of receipt of the product to change your mind and get a full refund (right of cancellation). If you have used the product and it is returned in a condition where we cannot resell it, then we may need to issue a partial refund instead. You should get your refund within 14 days from the date of return notification.

The rights herein apply to consumers only.