Made to Move, Fit for Action

Focus on your workout, not on your earbuds. Only 5.9g, the earbuds hook into your outer ear for a secure and comfortable fit with less pressure. Add in the Waterproof & Dustproof IP67 rating and you can keep them in during high-intensity training without worry, rain or shine.
  • The LG TONE Free Fit earbuds fit perfectly in the ears

    Secure & Comfortable

    Swivel-grip technology delivers perfectly fit design for any active movements. 

  • A man's hand washing the TONE Free fit earbuds with water

    IP67 (Water&Dust Proof)

    Enjoy your running or workout without any worries. Your earbuds are protected from water, sweat and dust damage with IP67 rating.

  • A 3D model of LG TONE Free Fit with the Uvnano light shining bright


    The latest hygiene technology that combats pathogens, keeping your earbuds safe by killing 99.9% of bacteria in just 10 minutes.

  • A person connects TONE Free fit to a treadmill with the Plug & Wireless cord.

    Plug & Wireless

    Whether you're on the treadmill or a flight, plug the charging case into the headphone jack and use it as a transmitter for your earbuds.

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