LG THERMA V R32 Monobloc Heating Unit

LG THERMA V R32 Monobloc heating unit is an all-in-one unit equipped with an innovative and eco-friendly R1 compressor and R32 refrigerant. This unit can operate at extremely cold temperatures like -25℃ and heat water up to 65℃.
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  • 04-1_RevolutionaryScrollCompressor_Desk_20180814_V1_1536116398014

    Revolutionary R1 Compressor

    THERMA V R32 Monobloc is equipped with the Revolutionary R1 Compressor. This advanced compressor especially improved the tilting motion of scroll, increasing overall efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, compressor operation ranges are improved to perform from 10Hz to 150Hz.

  • 04-2_EnvironmentallySustainableRefrigerant_Desk_20180814_1534232959683

    Environmentally Sustainable Refrigerant

    THERMA V R32 Monobloc is equipped with R32 refrigerant, the environmentally sustainable refrigerant which has a Global Warming Potential of 675, 70% lower than that of R410A’s. With R32 refrigerant, THERMA V R32 Monobloc is highly energy efficient as a greener heating solution.

*The result above was based on space heating at 35℃
*Space heating at 55°C received an A+ rating.
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    Easy to Provide Service

    All-in-one heating solution with built-in main components allows easy installation without additional refrigerant piping work. Installers can easily check and provide service just by removing 3 pieces of screw. Moreover, clip type water strainers are installed for easy maintenance to strainer without the need for extra tools.

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    Pre-installation Setting

    Based on installation site information, installers can prepare presetting with LG Heating Configurator and save data into memory card from their office. At the site, then, installers can simply insert memory card at the back of remote controller to activate configuration data. This allows easy and quick commissioning for installers.