We will give you LG warranty information here We will give you LG warranty information here


We will give you LG warranty information here

LG Electronics guarantees free repair service to its products within the warranty period through its Authorized Service Centers. Each LG product has a different set of warranty conditions, so please refer to information below.

Guidance for Warranty Period

Estimated standard for warranty period

SLG electronics accomplish the product warranty according to the consumer injury compensation rule.

Estimated Standard for the Product

  • Product warranty means that the manufacture or seller make a promise for the free repair warranty with the customer in case of the faulty of quality, performance and function in using the product normally.
  • The product warranty period is estimated based on the purchase date and the confirmation for purchase date is calculated via product warranty card. If the customer don’t have the product warranty card, it will be calculated by the date of 3months has passed from the manufacturing date.
The following applies that the warranty period will be half of normal warranty period.
  • In case that the domestic washing machine is used for the commercial purpose.
    Washing machine : Sauna, Public bath house, laundry
    Refrigerator, Rice pot, Micro wave : Restaurant, Convenience store
  • In case that the product is used in abnormal environment like installing it in the car, ship and so forth.
  • In case that VCR product is used in video shop, cable distributer and video room for the commercial purpose.
  • The warranty period is not applied when the customer purchase the used item(imitation, Purchase from electronic shop) and if it’s impossible to repair, LG electronics is not responsible for the compensation for the loss.
  • The warranty will be accomplished based on the contract in case of the product that is provided via the special contract

Warranty Period According to the Product

Warranty Period According to the Product
Warranty Period 2 years
products Accessories, Speakers and Sound bar
Warranty Period According to the Product
Warranty Period 2 years
products TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher, Monitor, air conditioning, fan, vacuum cleaners, home theaters, Microwaves, BluRay DVD players, Monitors.


  • Part warranty period means the quality guaranteed for the parts which are consist of the product. And the warranty period is as below.
  • General parts warranty period – Basically, it make a rule to be same as the product warranty period.
    (If the part is selected by core item, it will be applied based on the special criteria)
Product Part Warranty Period Piece
Referigerators Compressor 10 years
Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher Motor Drum 10 years
Microwave Cavity 10 years

Remark This warranty period Is based on consumer dispute resolution notified by FTC (Fair Trade Commission)

  • That is not the case of LCD module for notebook.
  • Single repair / adjustment in core part apply the general product warranty period.

This warranty is applicable on the specified parts only, consumer will be charged for labour.