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Optimism your feed

Bring a smile back to your social media

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People enjoying camping with smiles, embracing the power of optimism. People enjoying camping with smiles, embracing the power of optimism. People enjoying camping with smiles, embracing the power of optimism.
Have you noticed your algorithm has gotten a little unpredictable?
  • Pink spiral icon.

    When you get bored, do you find yourself scrolling through social media, wondering where the fun went? Somehow it often feels like we're now stuck in an algorithmic loop of doom and gloom.

  • Emoji with a sad expression.

    The numbers don't lie: Our survey showed that 52% of people felt they received a similar or greater amount of negative content in their feeds compared to positive content. Additionally, 25% of people felt that negative content in their feeds made them feel anxious and unhappy.1)

  • LG's smiling face logo.

    As LG is all about 'Life's Good', we took this seriously. With Optimism your Feed, we shed optimism on your feed to make it a place you can truly enjoy.

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    So, where can you find these positive things? Right here. While enjoying the playlist LG has curated, you can bring a smile back to your algorithm.

  • 1) Survey Methodology

    • Timings : 26.04.2024 - 02.05.2024
    • Countries : USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, UAE, KSA, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Australia
    • Method : Quantitative questionnaire online survey through Dynata’s proprietary panel

Let the optimism begin!

Man wearing a colorful jacket, red beanie, and pink shoes, smiling and posing indoors.
Woman speaking inside a car with the text 'I'm gonna be okay no matter what' at the bottom.
Close-up of a surprised prairie dog, evoking a humorous expression.
Person reading a book in a cozy, plant-filled room, radiating warmth and tranquility.
Woman with long dark hair smiling and holding a piece of sushi close to the camera.
Group of people enjoying an activity at a table, highlighting moments of connection and joy.
Blue-glasses-wearing woman in a red sweater, smiling with the text 'HAPPY SCROLLING' at the bottom.
Man dressed in a bright yellow outfit giving thumbs up, showcasing confidence and joy.

How to join

Image of the lge_lifesgood TikTok playlist screen, Optimism your feed.

Step 1

Search for @lge_lifesgood in Tiktok or click the link below. Find Optimism your feed and get scrolling!

Screen image of liking and commenting on the life's good playlist on TikTok.

Step 2

If find content enjoyable, engage with it by tapping, liking, or commenting and sharing. This will give your algorithm that extra boost.

Screen image of sharing the life's good playlist on TikTok.

Step 3

Share this playlist with your friends and family whose feeds could do with a glow up!

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our optimism squad

Xavier Mortimer

Magician Xavier Mortimer dramatically extending his hand.

Optimism is an inspiration.
I want to make people smile.

Xavier Mortimer

Tina Choi (Doobydobap)

Tina Choi playfully holding a piece of kimbap near her eye.

I want to make my viewers’ lives good, through consuming content.

Tina Choi (Doobydobap)

Casey Fiesler

Casey Fiesler is smiling brightly while wearing a headset.

We can choose to watch more positive content.

Casey Fiesler

Karol Stefanini

Karol Stefanni smiling, holding a white pen.

Happy to help make social media a good place again.

Karol Stefanini

Victoria Browne

Victoria Browne gently smiling with her chin on her hand.

You have every right/ability to be present in your life!

Victoria Browne

Josh Harmon

Josh Harmon covering his ears in front of a drum set under lighting.

Better content leads to a better life.

Josh Harmon

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