LG Round Cassette ACs

LG round cassette ACs not only provide a luxurious design, but also cover large areas with flexible airflow and they are unique for their silent operation and fast and precise cooling.
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  • Round-Cassette_03-1_Compact-Slender-Size_PC Round-Cassette_03-1_Compact-Slender-Size_Mobile

    Compact, Slender Size

    A reduced body height of 330mm maintains the interior space for a pleasant sense of openness.
  • Round-Cassette_03-2_Clean-Elegant-Color_PC Round-Cassette_03-2_Clean-Elegant-Color_Mobile

    Clean, Elegant Color

    The white panel maximizes the elegance of the space, creating an inviting place to visit often and stay longer.

Perfectly Round for Flexible Airflow

With no blind spots, LG Round Cassette covers a large area with its circular shape. Moreover, with its increased airflow and detailed wind direction make possible for cool breeze to spread evenly and widely.
Round-Cassette_04_Perfectly-Round-for-Flexible-Airflow_PC Round-Cassette_04_Perfectly-Round-for-Flexible-Airflow_Mobile
  • Round-Cassette_05-1_Precise-Cooling_PC

    Precise Cooling

    The six steps of airflow via Crystal Vane provides even and precise cooling down to bottom.

  • Round-Cassette_05-2_Faster-Cooling_PC

    Faster Cooling

    Cooling is up to 30%* faster, so time to reach desired temperature is shortened.

* Experimental environment: Height 3.2m, 14.5kW, cooling mode, high flow rate, horizontal airflow direction.
* Noise level is measured at 14.5kW low flow rate
  • Round-Cassette_07_Convenient-Installation-Maintenance_PC Round-Cassette_07_Convenient-Installation-Maintenance_Mobile

    Convenient Installation & Maintenance

    Each pipe (drain, refrigerant) is attached in the same direction and position, making it quick and easy to install. Additionally, the control box is attached to the outside of the product, allowing the installer to easily provide service.

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