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[V10] What is WB (white balance) setting in manual camera or video mode?

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  • עדכון אחרון 12/26/2017

What is WB (white balance) setting in manual camera or video mode?


     WB stands for White Balance.  Why is White Balance important?

     • It is responsible for accurate color reproduction
     • Without accurate whites, all colors will be inaccurate
     • Makes a significant difference in any lighting condition

 How to use

     1. With the camera active in Manual Mode (camera or video) tap the WB button at the bottom.
         a) The value first selected when WB button is the current white balance value.
         b) To return to Auto mode, you can press Auto button on top of the wheel.
             (AE-L button does not affect WB/ MF.)

     2. Slide the wheel up or down to adjust the white balance to your preferred setting.
         a) The icon shown to the left of certain white balance value indicates the generally and commonly
              known representative white balance  values. 
             (Example: fluorescent light, incandescent light, etc.)

     3. White balance is applied irrespective of other setting options (MF / EV / ISO / SS values).



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