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G6 Design_G6

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  • עדכון אחרון 06/21/2018

  G6 Design


  • G6 hardware was designed to quicklyemit heat so thatit can safely manage the battery.


  • G6 batteryvhas been tested in various environments to verify safety so that customers can feel confident when using the device. 


  • A SW algorithm has been applied to manage the battery temperature with sensors whichcan detect the battery temperature .


  • Even with the heat mitigation factors designed into the LG G6 it is possible to heat up if the screen stays in bright scene for a long time, the device is used whilecharging or for those apps that consume a lot of power.


Some Tips


  • Applications remain active when not closed.  To clear active applications tap the Recent Apps button and select CLEAR ALL


  • Monitor application battery usage and stop apps that are consuming a lot of battery. Setting > General tab > Battery & power saving .


  • Use Auto brightness


  • We do not recommend charging or using the device on fabric products (e.g. blanket, pillows, etc.) as it may cause the device to retain more heat. 



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