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How can I upgrade smart phone software without PC?

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How can I upgrade smart phone software without PC?



check point Check Point


           ■ Preparations

               - Preparations need to be made for software update.

               - When remaining battery is low, update may stop midway. It can proceed only when remaining battery is 50% or more.
charge batteries before update.

               - It is recommended
to back up data before starting an update.

               - When updated, most
recent version will be installed and downgrade is unavailable.


how to setup How to Setup


           ■ Software Update


               1. Tap settings.

2. Tap General on top right.

3. Go to General and drag screen downward. Go to About Phone
                   (App> Settings
> General> About Phone > Update Center > Software Update > Check Update )


                    Mobile Phone Update

               4. Click Update Center.

5. Tap Software Update.

6. Select Download via Mobile Network of Wi-Fi.


                    Mobile Phone Update



               7. Install downloaded software.



               8. Turn power off and back on after installation. Update is complete.


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