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[G3] How can I use Chorme?

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How can I use Chorme?


Function What is chrome?


             Use Chrome to search for information and browse webpages.


             1. Tap image>image > Apps tab > imageChrome.
             NOTE: This application may not be available, depending on your region and service provider.


             Viewing webpages
             Tap the Address field, and then enter a web address or search criteria.


             Opening a page
             To go to a new page, tab Menu key image New tab.
             To go to another webpage, tap image, scroll up or down and tap the page to select it.


             Syncing with other devices


             Sync open tabs and bookmarks to use with Chrome on another device when you are logged in with the same Google account.
             To view open tabs on other devices, tap Menu key  Recent tabs.
             Select a webpage to open.
             To add bookmarks, tap .


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